Woody Becomes the Next Principal at Wilson

Ayana Duenas, Staff Writer

Long Beach CA Wilson High School- This may come as a surprise but as of this week Woody the bear has come to life! The first thing he does is challenge the principle for their chair for one whole year. Bruins were in an uproar and chaos arose as this event happened. Woody has explained he has many plans for the future, and he wants to make sure that everyone has fun. One of his first plans was to get rid of the Bear in the front of the school and put another statue of him and his family. One last thing that Woody explained he wanted was to have some teachers be replaced with other bears. Teachers are worried about what will happen next if Woody leads the school. Will everything fall apart? Or will Woody be an excellent leader for future Bruins.

“Let’s make a great year Bruins! Remember BRUINS are Brave, Respectful, United, Inspirational, and Noble!” Said Woody.