BREAKING: Dodgeball Cancelled!!

Andrew Favela and Zak Lopez

Dodge ball has been one of the most exciting parts of Wilson for a long time. Students at Wilson love watching all the other teachers and students get hit and play. Dodge ball can be a dangerous sport, people get hit hard in the face or in other places. Kids here have been getting hit and parents are getting worried about keeping dodge ball as an event at Wilson. 

Parents are concerned about dodgeball and are demanding that the tournament should be canceled because of how unsafe the tournament is becoming. There are complaints coming from students and parents about the balls and how hard these balls are hitting their faces and body, they are concerned with the fact that kids keep coming home with bruises. The kids are coming home with bruises from dodgeball and are also complaining about how hard they are throwing these balls. Parents have had enough of the complaints and are demanding that the tournament has to be canceled because they have come to the conclusion that this tournament is unsafe and unsuitable for the students of Wilson high school, but it’s not all bad news because the parents have given us a deadline to stop the tournament, so we can squeeze some out because we have to end it. The deadline for the tournament is April 1st, so before that day we have to end the tournament, we cant end it on the day of April 1st, or the day after April 1st, we have to stop all dodgeball matches before April 1st, NOT ON THE DAY OF APRIL 1ST.