Give Yourselves a Break

Valorie Shaibi November 9, 2021

When we give ourselves compassion, we are opening our hearts in a way that can transform our lives.  Sometimes we may fall into positions in our life when we are just living in our heads and not living...

Miguel Gonzalez, 12.

Miguel Gonzalez Senior Reflection

Miguel Gonzalez, Staff Writer June 8, 2021

It’s time to take a short look back to possibly one of the strangest school years that I've ever experienced. It began before the school year even started with summer Cross Country (XC) practice and...

Jayden Phan, 12.

Jayden Phan Senior Reflection

Jayden Phan, Staff Writer June 8, 2021

Being a senior during this time period has been a crazy experience. I would not say it has been the worst experience but there have definitely been more downs than ups. One thing that really affected me...

A Farewell from the Editor

Samantha Brandts, Editor-in-Chief June 8, 2021

For three years, journalism class was an escape. When I didn’t want to do my World History homework, I wrote a news article about a politically aggravated annoyance. When my (single) friend was busy...

Marian Bantjes (The New York Times)

Loudspeakers Staff’s Treasured Poems

Loudspeaker Staff April 30, 2021

Wilson’s Loudspeaker team has worked diligently throughout the school year in order to produce quality content for the Wilson community. During the month of April in order to celebrate National Poetry...

Working teens during COVID-19

Erika Gardner, Staff Writer March 15, 2021

Since COVID Started in mid-March of 2020, many teens have been struggling to find stable and safe jobs.  I was working at a little pizza place here in Long Beach in March, at the start of COVID. When...

Joelle Brandts, 9, holding a heart for February 14.

The Ultimate Lovey-Dovey Experience

Samantha Brandts, Editor-in-Chief February 12, 2021

In a year of utter mayhem, disappointments, and dare I say, unprecedented times, February 14 may be the only chance we get to celebrate what all humans strive to achieve: the ultimate lovey-dovey experience.  With...

Are School Dances Worth it?

Are School Dances Worth it?

Aaliyah Trejo, Editor March 5, 2020

Here at Wilson, we host four school dances every school year. The Freshmen Dance, Homecoming, Winter Formal, and Prom are anticipated by many. Amongst many students, there are a few who ask, are school...

Does Wilson Have a Proper Sexual Harassment Policy?

Does Wilson Have a Proper Sexual Harassment Policy?

Windsor McInerny, Editor March 5, 2020

Bruins of all grades were made aware of a new dress code standard at various beginning-of-the-year, new-principle assemblies: Business Casual. Business casual translates into toned-down professionalism;...

A Christmas Catastrophe

A Christmas Catastrophe

Samantha Brandts , Editor December 19, 2019

This time of year brings around many fun activities, such as going ice skating, Christmas tree shopping, making gingerbread houses, and of course, our city’s seasonal treasure: the Annual Belmont Shore...

Kindergarten students at John Glenn Elementary School preform during a Thanksgiving play in Oklahoma City, Friday November, 20 2015. Photo By Steve Gooch, The Oklahoman

November is More Than Thanksgiving, It’s Native American History Month

Windsor McInerny, Editor in Chief November 22, 2019

News article reads: Trump rejects Native American Heritage Month, proclaims November “National American History and Founders Month.” Make no mistake, it is indeed Native American History Month.  When...

Delainey Whelan (12) dressed as though she just walked out of Stage Coach.

Spirit Week Exhibits Californian Fashion Sensibilities

Windsor McInerny, Editor in Chief November 5, 2019

     The week of Homecoming lasted from the 14th to 18th of October-- launched by decorated halls and concluding in the Homecoming football game and dance. Although, Homecoming was most visibly celebrated...

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