The New All Gender Bathroom

Gaia Clark, Staff Writer December 26, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA-  With the voice advocating for gender equality being louder than ever, a call for action in the school department led to the opening of the first gender neutral bathroom at Wilson High...

A photo representing the percentages of various ages who took each vaccine/boosters.  (Photo taken from Long Beach COVID-19 Updates page)

Covid-19 And Thoughts On The New Vaccine

Conor Lucero and Ky'len Jefferson December 21, 2022

Covid-19 is becoming an issue once again. The new BQ.1.1 variant has brewed chaos surrounding Covid once again, but with a new variant there also comes a new vaccine/booster: the Bivalent Vaccine/Booster. “The...

All the gathered cans and non perishable food for the canned food drive in the activities room.

The Annual Canned Food Drive

Ashley Abbott and Dorrie Dube December 12, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA- For the past 25 years, during the holiday season at Wilson High School, there’s always been an annual food drive for those families in need. This is specifically planned by ASB, who decides...

Students Make Statements

Gabby Dee, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

Wilson students gathered in the Media Center on Thursday and Friday, November 17th and 18th to write statements about behavior and comments made by Wilson teacher Mr. Ken Hamilton, after students’ aunt...

Taken from the YBS official instagram account, their homecoming booth was booming with support from fellow students.

Young Black Scholars

Kennedy Bell, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA - Wilson High School is one of many high schools in the district with an established Young Black Scholars Club. Jonathan Evans, guidance counselor for the Performing Arts Pathway and the...

Conductor and teacher Michelle Ellis leads her symphony orchestra through a challenging and complex song.

The Fall Concert

Ayana Duenas, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA- At the start of this school year, many students were preparing for their first performance. For seniors, this will be one of their last performances here at Wilson. Some seniors share their...

Extreme Rise in Gas Prices, and Its Effects on Drivers

Conor Lucero, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

Wilson High School, Calif.- Long Beach has reached its all time high in gas prices, reaching nearly $6.50, whereas just a year ago it was reaching $4.50. Although it may still be high, it is nothing compared...

A varsity football player’s red-and-gold helmet glows underneath the stadium lights during the Homecoming game.

The Bruins’ Homecoming Game

Gaia Clark, Staff Writer November 7, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA. - Stress and excitement levels were high Friday night as the Lakewood Lancers faced off the Wilson Bruins in a must-win game; a victory for either team that night would mean a chance at...

Wilson Students vs. the Struggles of Long Beach Public Transportion

Johann Sotelo and Manny Moreno November 7, 2022

Long Beach, CA- With the continual abrupt weather changes this year, going from 100 degrees to pouring rain, bus stops don’t have shelter or resting places for students. How is this affecting the...

Welcome to the Hall of Fame

Zoe Edeskuty and Gabby Dee November 3, 2022

Long Beach, CA-  “I got my letter,” said Gayle Godwin, one of several brand-new inductees of the Wilson Athletic Hall of Fame that received recognition. On September 16th, 2022 Wilson High School...

Wilson Students And Staffs Thoughts On Dress Code

Nicole Najera, Ky'len Jefferson, and Perla Trujillo November 3, 2022

Long Beach, CA- For most of the current class’ experience in education, students and staff have been on opposing sides when it comes to enforcing the dress code. This debacle sparks the question: should...

Freshman Dance Review

Kennedy Bell and Ashley Abbott November 3, 2022

LONG BEACH CA Wilson High's basketball courts were decorated and bright with fairy lights, fog machines, and encouraging posters, with a red carpet dense with students arm-in-arm with Link Crew leaders...

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