ChatGPT Convinces Admins To Extend All Breaks By A Week

Jackson Allsup, Staff Writer

LONG BEACH, CA- With the release of ChatGPT, AI has convinced administrators to give students not only an extra week off per break, but also a four day weekend every week! This announcement has been received relatively well by both students and staff, excited to hear the news of the extended breaks.


The AI supposedly made its rounds within the email inboxes of the LBUSD admins, explaining that students would “get more time to recharge and engage in extracurricular activities,” as well as more time to travel and develop.


Unfortunately, shortly after an announcement was made on the LBUSD website, a large rainstorm hit California, flooding the server rooms where ChatGPT is hosted, and completely stopping all communications with our admins. 


Without the flow of persuasion from our AI, administration has decided to roll back their decision and keep the breaks as normal.