School Protection

School Protection

Lauren Doe March 21, 2024

Recently during the week of 3/11-3/15 Wilson has decided to take extra precautionary measures to keep students safe because of a recent incident. The precautionary measures included checking every student's...

Side Hustles

Manny Moreno and Johann Sotelo March 1, 2023

Long Beach, CA - With prices rising across the nation, students are starting to get creative with ways to make money while still being full time students. “Side hustles” or self-made part-time jobs,...

Extreme Rise in Gas Prices, and Its Effects on Drivers

Conor Lucero, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

Wilson High School, Calif.- Long Beach has reached its all time high in gas prices, reaching nearly $6.50, whereas just a year ago it was reaching $4.50. Although it may still be high, it is nothing compared...

Online vs. In Person Learning

Kai Metra and Martha Martinez March 8, 2022

Long Beach, CA- This year, students have returned to school in person. After being here full-time for 4 months, students have been able to perform better in school than they have online.   Many...

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