Extreme Rise in Gas Prices, and Its Effects on Drivers

Conor Lucero, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

Wilson High School, Calif.- Long Beach has reached its all time high in gas prices, reaching nearly $6.50, whereas just a year ago it was reaching $4.50. Although it may still be high, it is nothing compared...

Wilson Students and Staffs Thoughts on Dress Code

Nicole Najera, Perla Trujillo, and Ky'len Jefferson November 9, 2022

Long Beach, CA- For most of the current class’ experience in education, students and staff have been on opposing sides when it comes to enforcing the dress code. This debacle sparks the question: should...

Online vs. In Person Learning

Kai Metra and Martha Martinez March 8, 2022

Long Beach, CA- This year, students have returned to school in person. After being here full-time for 4 months, students have been able to perform better in school than they have online.   Many...

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