Wilson High School and Polytechnic High School Combining Graduation?!

Ashley Abbott, Staff Writer

Wilson High School graduation is an important event that happens for seniors every year. Seniors are celebrated for their hard work and chance to move on to college, university, or any other life plan that they have ahead of them. This year is going to be a little different and instead of having a graduation that involves only Wilson, there is going to be a twist. Wilson has decided to combine graduation with the classes of 2023 from Poly High School. This means that Wilson and Poly (rivals) are graduating together. This will solve resolution to both schools and the rivalry the seniors have had over the years and to come together all as one because in the end. So that Wilson and Poly High School are now all a family and all rivalry energy ends for next years.

Although some students may not like this it is best for both schools. The way this is going to work is that Poly and Wilson High School seniors are going to rehearse their graduation and graduation will take place together. This will happen at LBCC, so for graduation, both schools will be sitting together as a united Long Beach family and community.