Jones focusing on becoming TikTok’s next star.

Mr. Bean, Staff Writer

During a nice and regular day in the environmental science class, students were independently working on their assignment when suddenly they were interrupted by AP Environmental Science teacher Jossiah Jones, who was unaware that he was sharing his screen during class while he was looking for new ways to be famous and successful.

Everyday Jones begins class with screen sharing the agenda. However on this particular day, he forgot to stop his screen sharing once students began their independent work. Much to their surprise, everyone learned that Jones was reading a blog titled “How to Retire Early As A TikTok Influencer” and taking extensive notes. “I was sharing my screen and accidentally showed the class that I was in the middle of some deep research on dance moves, specifically dance challenges on TikTok.” said Jones.

Students were really shocked to see the teacher’s vision for his future career. “This was something that I wasn’t expecting to see today during class,” said Junior Fionn Cheng. The accidental screen sharing made many students wonder what could have possibly led to Jones wanting to pursue that career path. “After that incident, it makes me think why Mr. Jones wants to be a TikToker in the first place,” said Junior Catherine Alcala. “It doesn’t seem like something he would willingly want to do as a career choice.”

Along with the notes that Jones was taking, he was also learning many TikTok dances that would help start his TikTok career to eventually retire from teaching. “There were some Youtube and Google image searches for ‘popping and locking’, ‘I like the view’, ‘ski mask’, ‘iko iko’, and ‘domino lovers.’” said Jones. 

From this accident, it was evident that Jones was planning on retiring his teaching career to pursue a new career as a TikTok influencer. He stated how he “was obviously planning his escape from teaching and researching on how to make some major splashes in the TikTok world to get paid and retire early.”

With Jones being unaware of his screen sharing, Senior Guillermo Aguirre had to let him know that this was being shown to the class. “Yeah no one was speaking so I unmuted and told him ‘Mr. Jones, your ForYouPage is wack.’” said Guillermo. “I found it funny that no one was saying anything but I had to let him know.”

Immediately after finding out about the accident that he had, Jones was in strong denial of his screen sharing dance to the class. “When Guillermo spoke out on the screen sharing TikTok dances, I started denying every single bit of it.” said Jones. “I had to tell the class ‘I was not screen sharing TikTok dances, social media is for the devil. I only love science.’”

From this incident, Jones has learned what can be done to make sure this type of accident doesn’t happen again. “To make sure this doesn’t happen again, I am no longer sharing my screen. EVER.” said Jones. Students found this incident hilarious and very random. “Seeing Mr. Jones watch tik toks during class is one of the funniest things but I still can’t see him going in that direction for a career path,” said Fionn.

We also get similar responses from Catherine and Guillermo who made statements regarding Jones’ screen sharing. “I hope the humiliation was worth it if he’s truly going to pursue that career choice” said Catherine. Guillermo added on stating “It was really hilarious just seeing those tik tok dances coming from Jones, now I really want to see him become one.”

Jones is now using this incident as awareness for other teachers to not repeat the same mistake for other classes. “My advice for teachers – chase your dreams… but don’t share your screen,” said Jones. Now teachers will be very careful when having to share their screen to their classes following Jones’ accident.