Cyber Bullying Effects on Teens

Janiya Kelly and

When asked, 100% of Wilson students interviewed stated that they had been cyberbullied. All expressed that they felt insecure as a result. One student, in particular, said she, “Wanted to hide from everyone.” Most of the incidences occurred on Instagram. 


When asked if the school should get involved when someone is getting cyberbullied students had varying opinions. Galylea Cortez, a senior said, “Yes, I think should get involved when it’s serious.” However, a freshman said, “No, the school tends to blow up situations.” Students may be in trouble but a lot of students don’t want to reach out for help. This results in being trapped in a cycle that degrades your mental health. 


Cyberbullying is a very popular thing within the social media arena and in high school halls. Cyberbullying is a form of threatening or harassing someone online with words or untrue posts about them. Cyberbullying can eventually lead to the person who is being bullied to change personally over time. 41% of kids developed social anxiety while 37% developed depression, some other common factors of cyberbullying are eating disorders or the stop of social media use.


Cyberbullying is way more common nowadays since technology is the main way for teens now. Many say cyberbullying is way more damaging than in-person bullying since it can present itself at any time of the day and in any form like a text message. As of 2022 60% of teens have experienced cyberbullying and 70% have had rumors spread about them as well. 42% of cyberbullying happens on Instagram and other social media platforms not too far behind.