Dorrie Dube, Staff Writer

Long Beach, CA-In the recent dodgeball game on Wednesday, February 15th, there were six teams who battled to move onto the next rounds. 

In the first game there was Advanced Dance vs. Squirrel Lovers, who played 2 games. In the first round we had a competitive start, until most of the dance team got out and Lucia Johansen was the only one left. She ended up getting out and Squirrel lovers won the first game. In the second round the Squirrel lovers were quick to attack against Dance and ended up getting everyone out except for Phoebe Robarge. Robarge stayed in for a little bit dodging balls until she eventually up getting out. The Squirrel lovers ended up winning both rounds, making it so they will move on to the next round. The Squirrel lovers will end up moving on to play Boys Cross Country on March 6th.

In the next game there was Girls Soccer vs. Avid who also played 2 games. Both games were very competitive and lasted longer than Advanced Dance vs. Squirrel lovers. In the first game Avid start off getting most of girls soccer out and Olivia Herrara was left to face off the last two players on Girls soccer. Herrara ended up getting both of them out and won the first round for Girls soccer. In the second round, the girls soccer team started off strong fighting off Avid. Girls soccer ended up getting everyone but one out, who was left to face the whole girls soccer team. Girls soccer ended up getting them out and won the round. Girls soccer won the game and will move on to play Lego Club on March 8th. 

In the next game Science Teachers played the freshman, the class of 2026 for 2 games as well. In the first round the science teachers started off strong taking over the freshman and getting everyone out except one freshman. The science teachers ended up getting this last freshman out and won the round. The next round the freshman started off strong and fought back against the science teachers. The freshman got multiple of the science teachers out before the science teachers got themselves together and fought back against the freshman. The science teachers took it back and ended up getting all the freshmen out one by one and won the round. The science teachers won the game and will move on to the next round to play Wrestling Team A on March 8th.