Side Hustles

Manny Moreno and Johann Sotelo

Long Beach, CA – With prices rising across the nation, students are starting to get creative with ways to make money while still being full time students.

“Side hustles” or self-made part-time jobs, make a lot of things possible for students, giving them the ability to have more fun and attend more school-related activities, like prom or field trips. There are a lot of things you can learn from having a side hustle, like how to run a business, deal with people and react to real-world problems. 

After the pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs and had to find a means of providing for their families or themselves. A lot of kids turn to a reselling business at this school and being so embedded with rap culture makes it more fun and better for them.

Overall, these “side hustles” have led to students becoming more independent and successful financially, making the next generation prepared for the sky-rocketing inflation hitting the 21st-century.