El Sauz – Food Review

Ayana Duenas, Staff Writer

Located at 1616 E Anaheim St in Long Beach, CA 90813, a Mexican restaurant called El Sauz Family Restaurant is quite the hit. It holds a wide variety of homestyle Mexican food, with it providing an indoor dine-in and an outdoor takeout. With El Sauz website you are able to order and have meals ready for pick up. During COVID-19, they were still open for customers to order, and many would come. Their food is very delicious and my family and I go there all the time, especially after any of our school performances. Their Super Nachos are one of my personal favorites! It comes with; beans,cheese, guacamole, salsa, meat of choice, and sour cream. It’s one thing you can have and share with your family. Not only this, they have sea food like a Seafood Bowl, and Fish tacos. There is a lot of great food to order, and it makes it feel like you are having a nice home cooked meal from your Mexican Grandma or Mom. It’s one thing that one shouldn’t pass up to try at least once.


Menu From El Sauz Website