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Janiya Kelly, Staff Writer

Janiya Kelly is a seventeen year old girl. She prefers to go by the pronouns she/her/her’s. She was born and raised in Long Beach, California and is a senior that goes Woodrow Wilson Highschool. At Wilson, she is the LPS Pathway where she studies psychology because she wants to become a Forensic Psycologist. Her career choice is the pratice of criminal justice system and civil courts. Their interest lies in understanding ceratin behaviors and going more into depth about them. She is someone who is very active. She used run distance on Track and Field for 6 years. She just so happened to participate in the junior olympics, being one of the highest accomplishments in her life so far. She happens to get her inspiration from her great grandfather to continue to starve forward, she wants to make a difference in her family while making her grandfather proud. Clowns, spiders, and crowded places tend to make Janiya feel a bit uneasy at most times, but she still loves horror movies. Something Janiya was not afraid of was to get vaccinated. Though she was anxious on returning back to in person school, she personally didn’t like online school because it made her become more anti social and boasted up her anxiety. Janiya has always favored writing; being which is why she decided on taking Journalism. She also believes that it would giver her an outlet for her voice. What she wants to get out of this class before she leaves is she hopes to improve her writing and speaking out on her beliefs. 

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Janiya Kelly