Rest In Peace Keith Hansen


Jackson Allsup

Long Beach, CA – This past weekend, Wilson alumni packed the auditorium to commemorate the life of  Keith Hansen, long-time Long Beach Unified administrator and Wilson principal. Hansen served as an involved employee of Long Beach Unified, serving as a coach, PE teacher, VP, and Principal at various middle and high schools throughout LBUSD.


“I mean, Keith was just the giving type of guy.” remarked Brad Lane, friend of the Hansen’s. “He loved his community, super involved in the Century Club. He’s always the first guy to show up and the last guy to leave. He’s done a lot for the school, we built that rally stage that everyone, pun intended, rallies around. That was his pet project.”


The service was filled with laughter and enjoyment, with friends and colleagues coming up to tell stories and anecdotes about their lives and adventures with Keith. “My 8th grade son played flag football, Rogers and Keith were there. I take pictures of the championship game, so I talked to him there,” said Wilson football coach Scott Meyer, talking about his most recent interaction with Keith. “He was always so upbeat and positive, and he was so excited. He was about to go back to Green Bay to watch the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers.”


Long Beach Unified and the community will miss the life and the personality brought by Keith, rest in peace.