The Library Cafe

Located in Long Beach down Broadway (3418 E Broadway, Long Beach, CA, 90803), is a quaint and cozy cafe that’s a great place for enjoying a chai tea latte with friends or studying for an upcoming exam. Like the name suggests, the Library Coffee House is filled with books of all kinds that customers can enjoy whilst sipping a warm drink. Inside, you can find different types of chairs and couches that give a homely vibe to the place. It’s almost like stepping into an animal crossing game–very therapeutic. The cafe itself is divided into two rooms; the first being at the entrance and register, where you can talk out loud to friends and relax without worrying about the noise level, or if you want a quieter environment where you can focus, there is another room connected where you can peacefully indulge in your work. What makes this unique place special is the welcoming attitude created by the workers and the artsy atmosphere that brings a laid back vibe to it.

There is a good assortment of tasty sweets and savory food items. The food options are moderately priced, including things like locally made orange juice and a variety of locally made scones, cakes, and tarts. There’s teas and coffees of all kinds and a mini ice cream parlor. Some brunch items on the menu are croissants, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and paninis. These cute treats are placed on even cuter dishes and cups where no dish is the same. This place is enjoyable in the mornings or if you want to quickly stop in while walking your dog.

The Library Coffee House is charming with lots of antiques, paintings, and books filling the walls. Bring your laptop and sit in a cozy corner to enjoy the aesthetic atmosphere and chill environment. Customers can also enjoy live performances in the evenings on every second Tuesday of the month, and hear some music, comedy, or poetry. This is a staple place in Long Beach that’s definitely worth checking out.