Gabriel Matos Javier ended the show with his singing.

A Second Open Mic Night

Marina Svang and Mia Colson December 12, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA- On Thursday, December 8th, Wilson’s playhouse was open for their second open mic night with holiday spirit in the air.  The stage was set up with fake snow and a mini christmas tree...

Bruins ending pose for Bruins on Broadway.

Bruins On Broadway

Kayla Cortez, Marina Svang, and Mia Colson November 30, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA- After a successful night in the crowd-packed auditorium, Bruins worked hard, and did a wonderful job performing on the night of November 15, 2022.  “It was exciting, it was entertaining,...

First Open Mic Night

First Open Mic Night

LONG BEACH,CA- A cell phone light wave in the audience started at Quetzal Alcaraz’s moving performance.  “It was a great first show, there were lots of great performances, people were supportive.”...

OddHaus: The Story Behind The Band

Alycia Velazquez and Ayana Duenas November 18, 2022

LONG BEACH,CA- In the beginning of last year, three individual freshmen had met for the first time. Throughout the beginning of the year, they got to know one another, and that their shared passion for...

Conductor and teacher Michelle Ellis leads her symphony orchestra through a challenging and complex song.

The Fall Concert

Ayana Duenas, Staff Writer November 18, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA- At the start of this school year, many students were preparing for their first performance. For seniors, this will be one of their last performances here at Wilson. Some seniors share their...

A varsity football player’s red-and-gold helmet glows underneath the stadium lights during the Homecoming game.

The Bruins’ Homecoming Game

Gaia Clark, Staff Writer November 7, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA. - Stress and excitement levels were high Friday night as the Lakewood Lancers faced off the Wilson Bruins in a must-win game; a victory for either team that night would mean a chance at...

Wilsons 1948 graduate looking back on memories.

Wilson High School Class of 1948 75th Reunion

Dorrie Dube and Roxy Kuper-Wilson November 1, 2022

Long Beach, CA- On Friday, September 30th, 2022 Wilson’s graduating class of 1948 had their 75th reunion at Hof’s Hut on Bellflower. The class of 48’ is the only graduating class so far to have a...

Junior Cruz Heavin waits for Jackrabbits play.

Poly Vs. Wilson’s 90th Rivalry Game

Gaia Clark, Staff Writer October 26, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA. - Friday night, the stands on either side of the football field were dense and deafening with students cheering for their schools during the 90th rivalry game of Poly versus Wilson.   The...

Students and the Dress Code

Long Beach, CA - Throughout the school year, staff has enforced the dress code on and off again. Some weeks the people standing at the gates do not bat an eye when people come in wearing non-uniform colors,...

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