Perla Trujillo and Nicole Najera

The turnout for the Study-a-thon was huge, the media center was packed with students ready to get work done. The media center hosted this event to help give students a place to work on any assignments or study for the finals that would be coming up with friends. Some teachers would also attend the event to assist students. 

Sierra Patheal, a German teacher here at Wilson stated, “I am very impressed by the turnout, there’s a lot of people who are really on task and really using the time well which is impressive. People came right in and got to work.” 

 The event was the perfect opportunity for students to work with their friends while enjoying some snacks. Malliyah Lastique, a senior in wave said, “I think it provides a nice working environment for everyone, I’ve made a lot of progress here.” Her friend Danna Sanchez, another senior in the wave pathway added, “To be honest, they’re feeding me pretty good. They’ve been giving me fruit snacks, I’ve got candy, they fed me pretzels, cheez-its, granola bars, I’ve been eating.”

Students were very appreciative of the positive environment the study-a-ton offered where they could study and socialize with their friends and teachers. Being able to work together really benefited students as Gabriella Karanopoulos in 12th grade in the wave pathway said, “I think it’s really nice that everyone showed up here to study, we’re all together, we’re all helping each other out.” Another student, Obadiah Meas in 12th grade in the tech pathway stated,

Art By Kayla Cortez

“I feel like It’s good for an environment that has everybody coming, to be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this.” “As a first time, yeah, it’s a good environment with socializing.” Students were grateful for the opportunity to study and the chance to get their grades up. The study-a-thon gave them a great chance to get help from their teachers and peers.  “I really came to study, and catch up on my assignments and zeros. It’s like down bad and it’s going up” Obadaih also said. A 12th grade student, Ria Abundisin in the wave pathway said, “i’m a wrestler so i need my grade up” 

And the extra credit offer also drew many students in, helping them bring up their grades. 

“I like the extra credit idea” Ria also stated.  

Even as only a 3 hour event, it has hopefully helped students begin preparing for the end of the semester. The study-a-thon was the perfect place for students to get in some studying for their finals. 

Sierra Patheal said, “Studying for finals takes way more than 3 hours of focused work, but I certainly hope that people see it as a chance to kick start their studying, and really get a good start to closing out the semester.” 

Students felt like they could get work done efficiently and thought the study-a-ton environment was very productive for them. 

“I came to finish an essay and do a chemistry study guide. I actually finished my essay.” 

“It’s just productive.“ Brigid Jones in 10th grade in the lps pathway stated. Helen Price a freshman in the bio-med pathway said, “I came to study for my medical biology class, It’s been pretty productive, It’s just a cool place to come study with your friends.”