Vintage Shopping In Long Beach

Zoe Edeskuty and Ashley Abbott

Long Beach, CA- Throughout the years, thrifting has grown more and more popular. To this generation, thrifting is still a popular hobby for many people. In Long Beach there are multiple cool thrifting locations, specifically along 4th Street’s Retro Row. There you can find a wide assortment of funky stores you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. There are also fun restaurants and cafes along the strip, as well as a movie theater.

Far Outfit – $$

This thrift spot, located on 2020 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814, is a hidden gem along 4th street assortment of thrift stores. It’s color-organized, making the items easy to find and has displays of funky knick knacks and artifacts. This place also plays groovy tunes, adding a fun ambiance to the shopping experience. At Far Outfit, you can find a variety of vintage sequin dresses, an arrangement of hats, and fairly affordable shirts, shorts, and jeans. It contains another room in the back that holds fun jewelry, stickers, patches, pins, and even records and CD’s. The staff is very friendly, always making sure the shoppers are having a nice experience.

Assistance League – $

This thrifting location is definitely different from other thrift shops because it’s not only very affordable, but it has a big home section, consisting of items like glassware, plates, cups, towels, kids toys, books, picture frames, and candles. Like any other thrift store there are shirts, jeans, pants, jackets, sweaters, casual dresses, and belts. They have a huge shoe section for both men and women, as well as a jewelry stand in the back. Assistance League even adds a fun twist to their shopping experience and sells mystery brown bags, which hold a bunch of unique items that shoppers wouldn’t think about buying in general. Staff here is very friendly and welcoming, helpful towards everyone and open to the public.

The Hangout – $$$

The Hangout is a vintage, earthy, and unique store that feels like an enchanted forest cabin when entering. When you walk in, the smells of incense and plants fill the air and you hear calming music overhead. They have unique kids clothing and essentials, as well as clothing for both women and men. If you’re the type that loves earthy things, this place is for you.This place sells essential oils, home decor items, distinctive pottery, candles, blankets, clothing, plants, and jewelry. Besides clothing, there’s a little bookshop area at the front with a wide variety of books from local Long Beach authors and other well-known authors. There’s even a little cafe inside that sells food and drinks for people to enjoy while they shop. Tarot readings are available there on Fridays from 3-7 pm and Saturdays from 1-4 pm along with a cup of tea to enjoy. There’s an outdoor garden and patio in the back where you and your friends can enjoy a game of checkers or pot a plant at the community potting station. Above the cashier, a list of a bunch of different activities and workshops happening at The Hangout throughout the months are offered to bring the Long Beach community together and connect. The staff is very helpful and gives a friendly smile towards guests as they walk around. The Hangout is a little bit expensive, but overall it’s definitely worth visiting with friends if you want a treat. 

Alien Artifacts – $$

Alien Artifacts is the place to go to if you want to get a gift no other is going to find. If the word nostalgia could be a store, this would be the one. They sell a lot of items referencing the 90’s and 2000s. There’s funny pins, tote bags, joke bumper stickers, bright vintage clothing items, key chains, beaded jewelry, funky sunglasses, and tube socks that are all amazingly cool in their own way because of how unique each item is. Alien Artifacts seemed to have friendly staff, the overall ambiance is funky, colorful, fun, and exciting.

Old Gold – $$$$

This place sells a variety of sunglasses, candles, pottery, chunky jewelry, shoes, vintage Levi jeans, hats, dresses from the 40s-60s, and jackets. The staff was overall very quiet, but they gave a very nice vibe. Overall, it’s a unique place to visit. 

Meow – $$$

Meow is the perfect thrift spot on 4th Street. They sell different sorts of tops from so many decades. Each room is a different decade, making it seem like time traveled around the store. At Meow, there is a jewelry section at the register, with vintage gold and silver necklaces, fun dangly earrings, and patches and pins. There are cool pants, long and short skirts, costume dresses, scarves, and sunglasses. The staff is very sweet and generous towards guests. The music played makes you feel like you’re back in the 1980’s time era, as well as the decor. If you want to buy some nice clothes, somewhat expensive, but unique style to spice up your closet, this place is the way to go.

La Bomba – $$$$

This thrifting location has a variety of t-shirts, jeans, tank tops, pants, dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts, cool jackets, shoes, overalls, bags, hats, sun glasses, patches, pins, shorts, skirts, blouses, and belts. The staff is very friendly and open to the public, making it a more comfortable environment, which is always important when it comes to shopping.

Sneaky Tiki – $$$

This cool store was a store that involved rock t-shirts, surf t-shirts, car t-shirts, and had different flannels and Hawaiian shirts mostly from the 1950s. The whole vibe of the store is chill and has a surfer theme.The employee working there was super friendly and overall very talkative; would initiate conversations, making the store an even cooler environment. Musicians and TV Wardrobe people frequently visit this place for some inspiration or outfits on stage. The music played there was funky as well, which makes the atmosphere even better. Come to this location to add some fun Hawaiian pop to your closet. 

Earthing Sustainable – $$

This place is known to be good for being earth-friendly and being healthy for the environment. It’s known to be zero waste and there’s wood toothbrushes that are biodegradable, shampoo bars, conditioner bars, handmade candles and baskets, and other stationary items that support zero waste companies. These products are promoting products to help the planet more and promote sustainable culture. 

Native Sol – $$$

At this cool marketplace spot, right when you enter there is an earthy environment. They have many vegan friendly options like nail polish, handmade candles, jewelry, clothes, bags, soap, plants, baskets, prints, and essential oils. Native Sol is a thoughtful place for gifts for someone who loves environmentally friendly products.