Site Nite

Site Nite

Ayana Duenas and Alycia Velazquez

LONG BEACH, CA – Wilson hosting a site night for families and the incoming freshmen to explore and have more insight on the school. Many of the pathways have set up performances and booths up for more information so their questions are answered. 

The students and their families begin the night by visiting the auditorium and the performing arts program gives them a warm welcome by showing how passionate being a bruin is. Once the auditorium was filled with new and old visitors the head pathway ambassadors give more insight on what the school has in store for them.

After they were released to go walk around the school, families and their child shared some insight on how they feel about the school and what they are interested in.

 Mandy Stuczynski, the parent of Joelle Stuczynski, explains how she feels about Wilson,” I really like it here! It feels like a college campus.” She said,” It’s really nice, really laid out.” 

Many of the families really liked the general feeling of the school and felt the campus seemed really organized. They felt that their children would be safe and have opportunities to get a good education that will better prepare them for college. 

“I like it here, I’m biased because I coach football here,” Joshua Foster, the parent of Jeremyaa Foster said,”But I think Wilson is a really great school overall.” 

Even one of Wilson’s coaches feels they can trust the school to take care of his son and trust the safety of teachers and staff for their child. Families have heard great things about Wilson High School, and even coming to the campus they feel their students would have a good chance to do well in academics, arts, and sports.

As these students walked around campus they were able to check out some of the pathway booths and speak to their counselors. They shared their questions and interest about the pathways, and students from Wilson also gave their insight about their pathway.

Once they made their way they were able to know more about each pathway and decide which path they wanted to take in high school. Mila Anglin, an 8th grader who currently attends Rogers Middle School said, “ I’am interested in either WAVE, LPS, or the Arts pathway.”

Stephan Anglin, MIla’s mother, knows her daughter’s choices aren’t for sure yet, but she talked about her daughters passion for arts. Though WAVE and LPS is good for college readiness, she wants her daughter to choose what she is most passionate about.

These parents wanted what’s best for their children, they saw what was offered and knew Wilson was the right choice. Walking around the campus there was much joy and engagement from Bruins and the future Freshmen. Some still feel uneasy about High School , but many others feel ready to start their next chapter of their  lives.