Aiiko Pettway and Bri Lang


Gaia Clark

Aiiko Pettway (left) and Bri Lang (right)

Gaia Clark, Staff Writer

Aiiko Pettway and Bridget “Bri” Lang are seniors running for governors of publicity.  Pettway and Lang express that they’ve found interest in student council since their freshman year. By being governors, they feel that this position will enable them to be even more involved in ASB.  As well as being in this position last year, Pettway and Lang have been involved in several other clubs and showed support to others on campus.  Pettway says that they are hoping to, “[continue] to make our school look good with all the posters we’ve put up and all the decorations we have around school.”  Lang continues, “People should vote for us because…we always give back and showcase who we are.”  The pair would like to resume making Wilson’s campus as amazing as possible.