A varsity football player’s red-and-gold helmet glows underneath the stadium lights during the Homecoming game.

The Bruins’ Homecoming Game

Gaia Clark, Staff Writer November 7, 2022

LONG BEACH, CA. - Stress and excitement levels were high Friday night as the Lakewood Lancers faced off the Wilson Bruins in a must-win game; a victory for either team that night would mean a chance at...

Wilsons 1948 graduate looking back on memories.

Wilson High School Class of 1948 75th Reunion

Dorrie Dube and Roxy Kuper-Wilson November 1, 2022

Long Beach, CA- On Friday, September 30th, 2022 Wilson’s graduating class of 1948 had their 75th reunion at Hof’s Hut on Bellflower. The class of 48’ is the only graduating class so far to have a...

Spring Break

Naomi Levya April 13, 2022

Spring Break is just around the corner! One more week, bruins and were on our way to the lazy town. One more week of work, instruction, homework and waking up early is almost over, let’s hang on for...

Kai Metra is a Baller Bruin!

Roxy Kuper-Wilson April 5, 2022

Long Beach, CA - Kai Metra is a Senior in the Performing Arts Pathway. She has many talents such as drawing, musical theater, and singing. Nonetheless, she succeeds at all but singing is one main talent...

PROOF: The rat infestation at Woodrow Wilson High School!!

Julissa Tucker, Staff Writer April 1, 2022

The cause for this infestation is not only the construction of Wilson's new 2000 and 4000 buildings but also kids not throwing away their trash for the custodians to easily clean.  KEEP WILSON...


Janiya Kelly and March 14, 2022

2020 was a peculiar and complicated year for everyone. The year was filled with odd trends, new looks, self-discovery, and isolation. Not to mention the riots, protests, and scandals on top of the pandemic....

Cyber Bullying Effects on Teens

Janiya Kelly and March 10, 2022

When asked, 100% of Wilson students interviewed stated that they had been cyberbullied. All expressed that they felt insecure as a result. One student, in particular, said she, “Wanted to hide from everyone.”...

Do Students Feel Safe at Wilson

Hailey Marroquin March 10, 2022

Wilson HS- Long Beach, California  The students at Wilson high school have been back on campus for one full semester, and there are many aspects of their school lives that have been altered. There...

Teen Dating Violence

Kamila Ledesma March 10, 2022

  On February 8 Wilson Bruins united in supporting teen dating violence awareness by wearing Orange. Bandanas had been handed out at lunch, and a rally was performed by the Bruinettes and Cheer...

There’s Worrying New Research About Kids’ Screen Time and Their Mental Health

Janiya Kelly and Valorie Shaibi March 10, 2022

Teens spend an average of seven hours and 22 minutes on their phones a day, and tweens ages 8 to 12 are not far behind, at four hours and 44 minutes daily, according to a new report by Common Sense Media,...

Coming Back From Boredom

Zak Lopez March 8, 2022

Long Beach, CA- There are a bunch of problems and holes in classrooms around Long Beach coming back from winter break because of the surge of covid/omicron cases. In most of the classes at Wilson High...

The Life of Seniors After Wilson

Long Beach, CA- With the second semester coming to an end, many Seniors are thinking about what their next step in life will be after high school. There are many different directions one can go after graduating....

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