Bruin Seniors Patiently Wait For College Acceptance Letters And Emails

Jackson Allsup, Staff Writer

LONG BEACH, CA– As the end of the year grows closer, Wilson Seniors wait with bated breath for any word from colleges. CSULB, University of Oregon, and UC San Diego are among the most popular colleges that seniors applied to this winter.

Bruins have also been applying for scholarships using websites like and CollegeBoard to find scholarships and grants, as well as taking advantage of two free years at LBCC and priority seating at CSULB.

Acceptance letters are around the corner, and usually release from the end of March to early April.

“Honestly, I’m not that worried.” said LPS senior Gabby Dee, who applied to a plethora of colleges this Winter. “I’m excited to hear back from any and all colleges, and yeah, I’m ready to go to college and leave.”

As tensions rise, students grow more and more anxious and excited.

Another senior, Francisco Reyes, weighed in on his experience. “Yeah, it has a little bit of anxiety to it.” he remarked. “I also just applied for them, just for a chance. I’m not too worried about it because at the very least I can always go to LBCC, transfer from there, and move on with my life.”

Few letters have been sent out already, prompting students to cut their losses and apply elsewhere.

Seniors, don’t forget to take advantage of scholarships and programs provided through Wilson. Best of luck to everyone!