Black History Month

Ashley Abbott, Staff Writer

Black History Month is from February 1st-March 1st and it’s been an important month for the past 53 years. It’s an annual event and celebration to appreciate the achievements by African Americans. The story behind Black History Month began in 1915, about half a century after the Thirteenth amendment banned slavery in the United States. In 1976, President Gerald Ford wanted to honor the neglected accomplishments of African Americans in the United States throughout history. Inspirational African Americans include Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, etc. that were leaders in politics, technology, culture, and more. Black History Month in 2023 the theme is known as “Black Resistance”, which exemplifies the incidents of African Americans resisting forms of racial terrorism, racial profiling and police killings.

 Wilson High School shows appreciation towards Black History Month by celebrating in multiple different ways. There are guest speakers who tell their stories about how they grew up and what got them to succeed so well in life. On February 1st, they had a guest speaker named Darick Simpson, they then had a guest speaker on February 8th, Kheris Rogers, and then lastly on February 15th, a guest speaker named Kareem, also known as “Preach” is coming to tell their stories. There’s then a Black History month lunch rally that happened on February 3rd, to celebrate.On the February 10th, there’s a “Our Story” musical at 9 am at the Terrace theater to show the past that black people had to go through over the past couple of centuries. There’s a movie night that is happening on February 16th and the list of movies all have a background and storyline of black people, storylines like achievement, unfair treatment from society in the past, success, and social justice. There is an Earth Lodge Center Drum and Dance lunch rally that is happening on February 17th and it’s based on medicinal philosophy and they believe ways to heal “into the Earth” They call this healing mechanism “Earthlodging”. Earthlodge Center is a company run and owned by a black family and it started with a lady named Jim Crow who showed that there is a way to heal anger and trauma by literally going into the Earth and they called this type of healing Earthlodging and it’s known to be Earth Medicine. On February 21st, there is an Album Cover Day also known as Celebrity Day. On February 22nd, there’s a Throwback Day. On February 23rd, there is a Black Excellence Professional Attire to make things more fun and fancy, as well as LBUSD Black History Month Celebration that is happening at 6:00 pm. On Friday, February 24th, there is Black Power Spirit Wear to represent the power black people hold for how much they’ve had to go through for the past couple of centuries. Lastly, on March 3rd, Young Black Scholars have a talent showcase at 6:00 pm in the auditorium.