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Kayla Cazares, Staff Writer

Kayla Cazares, a 16 year old girl in the 11th grade. She is from Long Beach California and goes to Woodrow Wilson High School in the Visual Arts pathway. She used to play soccer for the school but now she plays for an outside team and also enjoys playing the violin. She says how she believes her pathway choice and playing soccer will affect her positively in the future, because she wants to continue soccer, and to partake in an artistic career in the future. Cazares biggest achievement was placing second in her soccer club event. It was a huge thing for her team and she speaks highly of this experience. Although she has no job now, her goal is to become a detective in the future. She plans to achieve this goal by completing school and studying past cases done by detectives. Her favorite things about Wilson High are the people and the teachers. Her favorite teachers being Mr. Hollister, Ms. Ellis, and Ms. Mira. Her least favorite things about Wilson High and the School District, is the dress code and how they rushed during the pandemic. Cazares feels nervous and anxious being back to school because of everyone talking with Covid. But she is glad that she chose Journalism, even though she wasn't very excited in the beginning, she now talks about how much she really likes this class. 

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Kayla Cazares