The 56th Superbowl

Kayla Cazares

It’s that time of the year where the Super Bowl is right around the corner . The 56th Super Bowl is here on February 13th of 2022 at the new SoFI stadium in Inglewood, California. This year the Los Angeles Rams go against the Cincinnati Bengals for the winning title. 


However, the main talk for this year’s game is the Super Bowl halftime show. This year we have all the big hits featuring Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem, all performing this year. 


Wilson students this year are preparing for the Super Bowl by partying with family or just staying at home. Noelle Gardner (Grade 11) is spending her day with her family who is throwing a Super Bowl party this year. Noelles football team is the Pittsburgh Steelers, however this Super Bowl, she’ll be rooting for the Rams.


“I want the Rams to win this year, mainly because they’re at their home stadium” she mentions. 

“Honestly though, I’m really excited about the Super Bowl for the halftime show, as they have really good people performing this year”.


Other students like Adrian Cortez (Grade 11), doesn’t really know what he’ll be doing. Adrian doesn’t really watch football, but his dad is a pretty big fan. He wants the Rams to also win this year, as he would rather go for the home team. 


“I’m really only excited for the halftime show, they got what, Dre, Mary J. They Have Snoop! I’m really excited for him, if anything that’s all I’m really watching it for” he mentions. 


The Cincinnati Bengals made a comeback this year as they began their playoff seasons in the wild card against the Las Vegas Raiders. Winning against the Raiders the Bengals began climbing their way back up the bracket to face the Kansas City Chiefs at the Chiefs home. 


In the beginning of the AFC Championship (American football conference, one of the semi-final playoff games) it looked as though the Bengals didn’t stand a chance, as the Chiefs had the ball for almost the entire game. Halftime off the playoffs was Bengals 10-Chiefs 21. 

However the Bengals didn’t give up there as they began to turn the game around in the third quarter. An interception by Number 92, B.J. Hill, giving the Bengals a huge step up in the game. A few minutes later a touchdown by Number 1 Ja’Marr Chase.


By the end of the 3rd quarter the game was Tied, the Bengals 21-Chiefs 21.  By the end of the 4th however the game was still tied between the teams, now 24-24.


Overtime takes place as the Chiefs begin the play, however the Bengals will quickly ruin that by an interception by Number 24, Von Bell giving the Bengals just what they need. In the end the Bengals beat the Chiefs from a 31 yard field goal from Evan McPherson to have the opportunity in the Super Bowl. 


The Los Angeles Rams also started the playoffs in a rough spot as their playoff season also started in the wild card against the Arizona Cardinals. However the Rams ended up beating the Cardinals climbing up from that game and to face off against the San Francisco 49ers.


In the NFC Championship (National football conference, one of the semi-final playoff games) the game was indeed something as in the first couple minutes, a touchdown was almost complete for the Rams, however an interception occurred by the 49ers by Number 1, Jimme Ward. The game would be scoreless until the 2nd quarter as the Rams came in with a touchdown by Number 10, Cooper Kupp. Although the Rams scored, here comes the 49ers with a touchdown by Number 19, Deebo Samuel, tying the game once more. But the 49ers weren’t satisfied with a tie as they scored 3 more points from a 38 yd kick from Number 9, Robert Gould, giving the half time score to be 49ers 10- Rams 7.


The 3rd quarter had only one touchdown from the 49ers at the end by Number 85, George Kittle leaving the 3rd quarter with a score, 49ers 17- Rams 7.


The 4th quarter starts off with the Rams getting an easy touchdown by Number 10, Cooper Kupp again! Giving the score 17-14. The 49ers almost had a shot for another touchdown but Number 3, Jaquiski Tartt, however he drops the ball for an incomplete pass. The Rams, a couple minutes later, tie the game by a 40 yd attempt, making the score now 17-17. In the last couple minutes the Rams decided to make another attempt, this time 30 yds, and made it. This now made the score 49ers 17- Rams 20. 


The game would end with a final interception by the Rams, Number 32 Travin Howard, giving the Rams a ticket to the Super Bowl this year. 


The Los Angeles Rams go against the Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday, February  13. Kickoff starts at 3:30.