Q&A: A New Season, A New Coach


Julissa Tucker and Kayla Cazares

Sports in Wilson High have always been full of excitement and support. Sports is where students make new friends, achieve new goals, and best of all create a bond with their coaches. Here are some of the new coaches this year joining the bruin family!

Brian Irvin- Girls Soccer

How are you feeling this year about being the new Head Coach?

“I’m Excited! I went here to Wilson and I graduated in 1992, and it’s very exciting to be back to the school and to coach the girl’s team. I was a part of the boy’s soccer team here, and I’m excited to lead the program and see what the girls can do!”

Goals for this year?

“Win Moore League! Millikan and Poly have been on top, so goal number one, win Moore League. Number two Advance far in CIF. Goal Number 3 is to help develop each individual player.”

“BIG GOAL is to develop the younger teams because that’s the future, and I need to have that foundation so we can be strong… year in and year out!”

How do you plan to achieve goals?

“I try to bring in a culture to the program that I think will help achieve those goals, and that is hard work. It’s kinda cliche… you’ll hear a lot of coaches saying it, but I want our girls to outwork our opponent! Also, team unity, if we are all working together, I think we can achieve those goals!”

How are you feeling about the team so far?

“They’re good! They’re doing what I’m asking them to do, they’re showing up, they’re putting in the work, they’re bonding with each other, we are still getting to know each other so I’m trying to establish a formation and a lineup to see how the girls fit into those pieces!”

Pandemic? What do you think of playing this year?

“I’m confident that things will be ok! I know football had a bit of an issue, but we have a little over 60 girls so I’m confident that we will be able to manage it, be smart about it, and be able to play those games and have healthy bodies if anything comes up.”

The season hasn’t started, but how would you feel about that season? 

“I was able to break up the year into pieces.”

“A Lot of girls have club soccer so I have to balance that with high school, I don’t want to overwork them and cause injuries. I have to instill that culture of hard work without pushing them too hard where they can’t play in the season.”

“So we are in pre-season mode, just going over formations, set pieces, and once we are close to Thanksgiving that’s really when we will start talking tactically, how we will approach each game and each opponent.” 


Scott Meyer Football 

How are you feeling about being the new Head Coach this year? 

“I love to coach, I graduated from Wilson actually a long time ago, so it feels great to be back, I’m very glad to be back.” 

What are your goals for this team?

“Well, this season is almost over, so our main goal is to finish on a positive note and by doing so, beating Millikan would be great, especially for our seniors. winning on this note is now very important for us.” 

What are your goals for the season?

“Our goal this year was to make it to the playoffs especially for our seniors as this is their last year playing.”

“But time said otherwise and now to finish off this season our goal is to win on a positive note.”

How will you achieve them?

“I feel like every coach would agree with me on this but hard work and teamwork is very important in sports, as it helps the players improve and become a better version of themselves.”

How are you feeling about the team?

“Great group of guys to work with!”

“They are hard workers and lots of fun, they were lots of fun to coach.”

How do you feel about playing in the pandemic?

“This year was better as we got to play a full-length season as covid cut our season short last year.”

How do you feel about this season?

“A bit disappointed in not making it to the playoffs, but we gave it what we could, and in the end, that’s all we can do.”


DJ (Danjuma) Vincent- Girls Basketball

How are you feeling about being the new Head Coach this year?

“I feel good, it’s an exciting moment for Wilson, myself being a graduate from here, so it’s going to be an exciting year, lots to work on but in the end, we can get it done.”

What are your goals for this team?

“Our goal is always championships, that’s always our goal, you set your goal high and give it all you got.”

“You let the chips fall and you leave it on the line.”

“That’s what you do in sports, that’s what you’ve got to do.”

Goals for the season?


How do you plan on achieving these goals this year?

“Hard work, your work ethic is very important when it comes to playing any sport, for basketball it requires a lot of skill and teamwork.”

“When you’re a good leader and your team believes in your agenda, you all have the same kinda goal, and once you do that you find success, however, if you fall short of anything, in the end, you’ll feel good about giving it your all and can correct your rights and wrongs later on in the future.”

How do you feel about your team so far?

“I feel like I have a good, nice, strong working team, not only my team but the whole program itself, all the girls they go out there and give it their all and that’s all you can ask for, they go out and fight to win on and off of the court, so I respect that and like that.”

How do you feel about playing in the pandemic?

“There’s always something going on in the world, for the most part, this is a scapegoat for most athletes not only having to focus on their schoolwork, this gives opportunity to do something outside of being locked away from their peers for almost a year in a half, so I’m all in for them participating playing.”

“Of course we will follow the guidelines and keep ourselves and others safe.”

How do you feel about the season?

“We’re preparing for it, we have lots of work to do but we never shy away from hard work, we take it day by day, game by game, and see where it takes us, hopefully to championships!”


Paul Henry- Golf Boys and Girls 

How are you feeling about this year?

“I coach both boys and girls, the girls just finished their season and the boys are heading off into the off-season.”

“You know I’ve been an assistant with the program for a long time and I’m familiar with a lot of it but there are also new things that I didn’t know I needed to do, there’s a lot more paperwork but I’ve successfully navigated most of it so it seems pretty good.”

Goals for this season?

“The goal for both, the boys and the girls, is to successfully compete this season.” 

“These kids have been robbed from their seasons for the last two years.”

“In 2020 the boys didn’t have a season at all and then last year they had very limited seasons because we have to interact with the golf courses, and this came with many restrictions, and this ended up leading them to not really having a normal season or go in many tournaments. So this year my goal is to help the kids have a normal season.”

Goals for this team?

“I’m now their third head coach, for our seniors, I am their third head coach that they’ve had since they got here.” 

“They ended up losing their coach last year and it really hit them hard. So helping these kids navigate through this time, losing seasons, losing a coach, I’m trying to help everyone enjoy playing golf again.”

How will you achieve these goals?

“I’m going to try and plan things out as best as I can, not just making it up off the top of my head, and checking in with the kids and giving them opportunities. I will also rely a bit on Coach Evans, who was a former coach, and asking him for advice when needed.”

How do you feel about the team so far?

“The girls had a very successful season, came together very well, played very well together, we made the playoffs with both teams and individuals and had a very successful season.”

“I was very impressed with how well they supported each other in the season. Especially how coming back to school and even sports has been a big challenge for many.”

“For the boys I am thrilled, we have a lot of talent on the team and it looks like we can be very successful this season and I’m very encouraged with that. I just have a great group of kids, I love working with them and I don’t have any problems with any of them, there are no personality conflicts with any of them.”

How do you feel about playing in the pandemic?

“Luckily for us, golf is an outdoor sport, so the covid restrictions don’t affect us too much. Now that the courses are now opening up, we have been able to get the tee times we need.” 

“The only thing is wearing a mask when entering the building at the golf course, other than that I haven’t really had any issues with covid restrictions. When we’re at the golf course it’s almost like covid never happened, it’s great for the kids. There’s no physical contact with golf so it hasn’t really been a concern for us.”

How do you feel about the Boys’ season?

“ I think they should be very successful, outside and inside the league. It’s a very good team with lots of talented players. And they’re young, it’s not like they’re all seniors, so we should have a successful season. However, keep in mind for my juniors this is their first real season. So we are trying to schedule as many matches as we can by CIF rules, so we have a very packed schedule with a lot of talented teams outside of our league. We’re really looking forward to it.” 


The following coaches were contacted but did not respond

Mckenna Rutershan (Cheer Coach), Gerald Aquanigoc (Girls Volleyball),

Christopher Ceballos (Boys Volleyball), Sal Cipola (Boys Lacrosse)