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Julissa Tucker, Staff Writer

Julissa Loree Tonoli Tucker, is a 17 year old girl from Long Beach, California. An honor roll senior who attends Wilson Highschool, has made a name for herself in the school. Not only is she in the Arts Pathway (performing that is), she also is on the Varsity Team for Tennis! These two particular things are definitely going to help Julissa, as later on in life she mentioned that she would love to continue playing later on in college and would love to work with interior design. Her tennis career has definitely impacted her life as it's also one of her major accomplishments so far. Her and one of her teammates on the team (not mentioned) was one of the best pairs for Tennis in the area! This completely shocked Julissa, and is now a story she tells when the time is right. Even if she may not know her dream job yet, she still has some pitstop goals to check off first. One of these goals is to get a scholarship with her tennis career to get straight into college, while being there she’ll finish off and get her bachelor's degree. She’ll continue to practice as much as she can for her scholarship and study as much as she can to get that goal crossed off her checklist. However she has to finish this last year in order to get there. She loves the fact that Wilson High gave her so many opportunities over the years, that has to be her favorite part about this journey. As well as going through the years she’s met some fantastic people as well, some of her favorite teachers being, Mr. More and Mr. Edwards, two fantastic teachers who helped Julissa through the years. 2020 was a rough year for Julissa as studying online wasn't her cup of tea, but she is glad to be back in person learning. This year Julissa chose journaling to get out as much as she can before the year ends and to talk to others about the stories they hold and can’t wait to tell her.

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Julissa Tucker