Freshman Dance Review

Kennedy Bell and Ashley Abbott

LONG BEACH CA Wilson High’s basketball courts were decorated and bright with fairy lights, fog machines, and encouraging posters, with a red carpet dense with students arm-in-arm with Link Crew leaders running into the annual Freshmen dance on Friday, September 23rd.


Link Crew administrator and Activities Director Erin Fekjar welcomed the freshman and senior leaders linking arms with freshmen as they ran through the entrance.  Although the lower classmen had a great time dancing, eating, and drinking, behind the scenes of the dance there were several malfunctions.


Tyler Kolb, an attending freshman, had nothing but good things to say about the dance. “Best party I’ve been to” Kolb told us enthusiastically.


Prior to the dance beginning, a statement went out explaining that food would be provided for both Link Crew and freshmen. Though a crucial piece of information was left out. People needed to bring money to buy the food.  Students were confused, expecting to be able to eat, but could not unless they brought money.


A senior Link Crew commissioner, Eduardo Dominguez,  says “I believe there was some confusion and lack of communication towards link crew about the prices of food and drinks, but overall, our purpose was to create a fun environment for the freshmen by having a dance which both upperclassmen and freshman can enjoy. I think although things might not have been perfect for Link Crew, the dance itself became a memorable experience for many freshmen.”


Even after people figured out that they had to buy the food, Link Crew thought that food would be provided for them since they were working. When people in Link Crew were thirsty and went to where the food and drinks were being served, they were declined water and were told to go drink from the water fountain.


Link Crew leader, Jayla Weston, a junior, said herself “Link Crew should have gotten drinks for free.”


The freshman dance was a success for the freshman. They had fun, danced, got to know each other, and it was a great kick off to their year. Behind the scenes it was more complicated, but it did not affect the fun.