Remembering Jason Sanchez


A closer look at the community of Jason Sanchez

Jayden Phan, Staff Writer

On Jan. 21, 2021 Wilson High School senior Jason Sanchez passed away due to complications with Leukemia.

Sanchez was a hilarious, loving, caring, and great person to his friends, family, and his community. He left behind three sisters that he inspired throughout their whole lives.

The close friends and family of Jason Sanchez.

“My brother was a naturally funny and caring person. He loved to make people laugh. Jason was always dancing and singing, such a beautiful soul,” 20-year-old Jackie Sanchez said.

She was very close with her brother and explained that they were always there for each other and during difficult situations Jason Sanchez would never leave her side. 

“My relationship with Jason was extremely special. I come from a family of three girls and Jason was my only brother. We always had each other’s back and would pretty much do everything together.”

Coming from a family of three girls and one boy, Sanchez’s presence made a huge impact on his family.  He was a role model for his sisters and younger family members, always staying positive and making sure his family was taken care of.

“When me and Jason would hang out together, he never failed to make me laugh, and that’s what I loved most about him,” 12-year-old Jorge Vasquez said. “Jason was a very unique person, his personality as well as his style, he always tried to be that one person to put a smile on everyone’s faces and uplift everyone. Whenever you needed him, he was always there, and if you needed something to be done, he would do it for you.”

Architecture Teacher Jeffrey Jackson explained “I liked Jason. He was funny, friendly, and he always put a smile on everyone’s face. Although he did struggle with school at times, I always saw a smile on his face no matter the circumstances.”

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, there was a car wash that was created in honor of Sanchez. Approximately 30-40 cars were washed to raise money to help with funeral expenses. This goes to show how important he was to the community and how much his friends really cared for him.

A closer look into the community of Jason Sanchez.

A was created by his family to raise money for his funeral expenses and to honor his memory. To date, $11,445 was raised and the goal is to reach $20,000 (Remembering Jason),