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Martha Martinez, Staff Writer

Martha Martinez's  pronouns are she/her, she is 16 years old and a gemini. Martha was born and raised in long beach. She goes to wilson shes in the 11th grade and her pathway is LPS. Martha is Mexican American is goes to mexico every year. one of her hobbies reading manga she likes to read, some of her fears are spiders and centipedes. When Martha first started high school she wished she knew not to carry so much in her backpack. Before school started again she got vaccinated to keep herself and others safe. Because of covid she had to move midway pandemic. She says that people should wear their mask for safely and if so to wear them correctly. A goal she has is to graduate high school. Some issues she has with school is the dress code but a good thing that came from school was the fact that she got to see her friends again. Online school was hard for her she didnt like it but good things also came from it. She doesn’t like the way we came back to school she thinks that we will go back to doing online. She joined journalism because she tought it would be interesting and to hopefully meet new people and feel more comfortable talking to other people.

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Martha Martinez