Online vs. In Person Learning

Kai Metra and Martha Martinez

Long Beach, CA- This year, students have returned to school in person. After being here full-time for 4 months, students have been able to perform better in school than they have online.


Many students prefer coming back to school in person than doing online school. Senior Giselle Strickland from the Arts Pathway says, “I didn’t like online school because it was extremely hard for me to concentrate and actually do work. I like being back because it’s easier for me to stay on task.” 


Erika Medina, a senior from the Tech Pathway states, “I didn’t like online school. I didn’t have the motivation to do school work. Now that we’re back in person, I actually have the motivation to do work, and my grades have improved since.”


Virginia Lopez Torres, a senior in LPS states, “At first I liked it because we got to be at home and we could go to the bathroom whenever we want and eat our own food for lunch but then after a while, I got really burned out and stopped caring as much because I felt like I didn’t have to do the work. Now being back I like it more because I feel like I actually learn but I hate having to wake up earlier and actually getting out of the house whatever the weather is. Sometimes I wish we could go back but if we did I know I would probably get bad grades again. It’s also weird being at school again because there are so many new people here that weren’t here when I was in 10th grade and now being a senior, there’s no other people older than me to rely on. The only thing I like about being back at school is seeing my friends.”


Angelica Mora, a junior in BioMed states, “Being because we are less distracted, and more social also. Online school was alright, I would be more distracted and have more trouble understanding what we were learning.”