Extreme Rise in Gas Prices, and Its Effects on Drivers

Conor Lucero, Staff Writer

Wilson High School, Calif.- Long Beach has reached its all time high in gas prices, reaching nearly $6.50, whereas just a year ago it was reaching $4.50. Although it may still be high, it is nothing compared to what it is now.

This photo, posted by AAA, shows just how much gas prices have risen in the past year. “It made driving a lot less exciting knowing that it’s gonna cost me so much”, says Ruslan Polivara, a senior in theWAVE pathway at Wilson who drives a Honda Civic, a car that is known for its good gas mileage.


Gas prices have always been a hot topic, as they are a part of our daily lives. Gas prices have always been on a slow rise, and as irritating as it may be, it was always somewhat manageable. This is not the case anymore. Unfortunately, these prices will only get worse, as the “OPEC will cut its oil production by two million barrels per day starting next month”, according to a Forbes Advisor article. 


“Seeing the gas prices kinda makes my day a little worse”, said Senior Ruslan Polivara. 


Massimo Alfonso, a Junior in the LPS pathway, describes gas prices as something that “ruined driving for him”, as he is a new driver who can’t comfortably experience driving his car because of the thought of gas prices in the back of his mind. He explains that “if it’s hard for adults who have a general steady source of income, imagine how difficult it is for me, a teenager with little to no source of income”, which puts things into perspective.


If these are the feelings of just one person, imagine how many other people feel about the gas situation. Gas prices are a constant stress as they always seem to go up. “These prices only add to the crazy that’s going on in the world right now”, said Massimo. 


These gas prices make me feel uneasy since everything else is going wrong, who knows how much they will go up in the next few days, it’s a gamble that everyone is forced to play, said Massimo. This is unfortunate as many forget that this is all just from a high schooler who does have responsibilities, but not nearly as much as a working adult who may be struggling even more.


Gas prices may end up being a roller coaster for a few months, but we can only hope that they will finally come down to be manageable once again.