Mask Policies

In 2020 a pandemic broke out all around the world, Covid-19 had spread all over the world with nothing to stop the virus, but it will start quarantining in our homes, people losing jobs, businesses getting shut down, and our lives being changed. Covid-19 became our new normal. 

After being in a pandemic for 2 years, and most likely continuing,  covid cases are finally going down and kids are back in school. The requirement for the masks to enter into schools, work, and buildings are now being lifted. In an email that was sent to all the families of the students in the school said;

The governor made an announcement today related to the timeline and details for ending the indoor mask requirement for school settings statewide.Based on the latest information from the state and local levels, here are the current guidelines:


* Masking is still mandated indoors at school until 11:59 p.m. Friday, March 11.

* After March 11, masks will be strongly recommended but not required indoors at school.

* Existing masking requirements for those who are returning after COVID isolation still apply.


All students in California are required to wear masks indoors in order for the district to remain in compliance with state law. This requirement applies to all campuses, including those in our school district. We expect that to change on Monday, March 14.


We appreciate everyone’s support to help us get through what we hope will be another stage of returning to normal. We all look forward to classrooms and interactions that help all of our students feel better connected and engaged.


Thank you for your attention to this matter, and for the flexibility you’ve demonstrated over the past two years in supporting our students and school community.” 

In a release form from the City of Long Beach Health and Human Services Department had said that masks will only be required in healthcare facilities, jails and prison, emergency shelters, public transport, etc. 


During this evident change we went around and asked students, teachers and staff what they thought about this new mask policy and what their new choice would be if they would continue wearing their masks or not. 

Most of the students in our school, have said they will not be keeping their masks because of the change of weather being more warm, they can’t breathe of claustrophobia or they personally always hated wearing masks and the other students will be keeping their masks for safety precautions, they’re insecure of the way they look or they’ve gotten used to wearing mask. 

But some others were indecisive of what they wanted to do, the students were fine with and without the mask but most of the people have answered that if their friends or people around them are not wearing their masks, they will take it off or keep it on.  

Teachers on the other hand are deciding to keep their mask on, even though this mandate is being lifted. Teachers like Geoffrey Rameriez who teaches 11th grade English Arts, has heard of the mask mandate and doesn’t think we’re completely out of the clear to have this go through. However he will continue to wear his mask to make his students that would like to continue to wear their mask feel safe and comfortable. 

The mask mandate will start on March 12, 2022 where students and teachers can feel like it was a normal school day once again.