Varsity Boys Soccer Captain Introduction

Andrew Favela

Last year’s varsity team finished in third place in Moore League and did an amazing job to put us in division one this year. Most of the team and all the captains go off to college, and new captains must be chosen to fill in the spots of the previous captains Danny Cervantez, and Ferny G. The new captains, Cole Worden, Beck Peterson, and Gavin Pool-Harris are very excited and ready to dominate this year. 


Cole Worden is 17 years old and is a senior at Wilson. He is a midfielder, he attacks with the ball and gives great passes, and shoots as well. He’s been in the soccer program for four years and been on varsity for three years.“I think it’s a really cool opportunity to have and I have been working hard since freshman year to try to get this spot, it is a really fun experience.” said Worden when he found out he’s captain. “Commitment, loyalty, and just showing up with a great attitude on and off the field,” he said when asked what it means to be a good captain. The team believes Cole will do great things this season. 


One of the best defenders, Beck Peterson, is a senior as well. He plays center back and keeps the opponents from getting close to the goal. Beck has been playing soccer since he was 6 years old, so he has had lots of experience on the field. Beck is an incredible player who knows what to do and how to lead correctly. He is going to try his best to be a good captain. “ I am gonna play my hardest and do my best to not let the other teams score, we are expected to always win.” said Peterson.


“Gavin Pool-Harris is the best goalkeeper that I’ve ever coached, maybe the best ever at Wilson.” The head coach for varsity soccer Cj Brewer says. Gavin is a Junior and was a starting goalkeeper when he was a sophomore. Gavin has blocked almost every penalty shot that’s been kicked at him. He says “It sometimes gets frustrating out there on the field, but I just push through, and when times get rough I take a breath and continue.” The team trusts him the most and are very proud to have him here at Wilson.