Spring Break

Naomi Levya

Spring Break is just around the corner! One more week, bruins and were on our way to the lazy town. One more week of work, instruction, homework and waking up early is almost over, let’s hang on for one more week. April 15, 2022,  there is no school that Friday so let’s make this a productive week. Go Bruins! 

Since spring break is almost here and it’s been extremely beaming hot that gives us an opportunity to have fun in the sun, pool parties, bonfires for late night chills and sleepovers! I’ve heard around that not many people are going out this break only just staying home and playing video games. 

More interestingly, many teachers are getting out of here and taking advantage of this break from this crazy world. Some teachers are going out of town to spend time with family and friends, seeing a loved one or as everyone is doing staying home. 

Stay safe bruins! Anything can happen in a week so get rest, have fun and most importantly be safe wherever you go and whatever you do! Go Bruins!