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Reef Titcomb, Staff Writer

Reef Titcomb is a 12th grade senior that attends Woodrow Wilson high school that is from East side Long Beach.  He attends the program of Technology and after he is done with his school activities works at a restaurant while flying out of state for some work at times. His 17th birthday has recently passed at the time of this writing which makes him a Leo. His hobbies include helping around the house anytime when needed especially when the toilet doesnt flush. He doesnt mind at all but in fact finds it satisfying to connect the chains in the back of the toilet and watch the water flush down. His recent problem that Reef has fought past was the online school year. Reef personally quotes, “ Online school was a mentally chanllenge for me. It tested how I would deal with distractions and distance from not only my teachers but my fellow classmates.” His next step for life is to graduate high school with his best gpa he has ever had along with getting paid and college. He believes that covid was a huge set back in the world so Reef took it into his own hands and received the covid 19 vaccine. He feels major symphothay for those who lost a loved one to covid 19 and is willing to do whatever to help the world. His biggest motivation his dog, Salor leads him to live a happy and healthy life to accomplish more activities with him.

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Reef Titcomb