Long Beach, Calif-Spooky season has finally arrived on Wilson Campus! We all love carving pumpkins, Trick or Treating, visiting the pumpkin patch and especially joining friends and family for a scare. Watching scary movies is a tremendous halloween pass time. Whether you enjoy scary movies or not, we will provide you with the top picks and reviews of famous movies granted from Wilson High School.


While scavenging campus, interviewing staff and students we found good movies and recommendations just for you.   


Whether it’s serial killers, demons, or monsters all scary movie lovers have their favorite.


Wilson High School CSO Mr Blanco said, “When I seen Freddy Krueger I was hooked… even though it gave me nightmares.” He says his favorite part about Freddy Krueger is how he invades dreams in order to kill people in their sleep.


Tech Pathway counselor, Mr. Gonzalez, said that he loves anything based on a true story. He really likes the movie “The Exorcist,” which is based on the story of a young girl who was possessed by a demon and her family asked the church to perform an exorcism. This movie appeals to him because he enjoys stories that have realistic aspects and backgrounds. 


While Mr. Gonzalez loves demonic thrillers, Ms. Cherry, from the bookroom, refuses to watch such movies. She said she’s “seen every scary movie,” but won’t bring any bad omen or spirits into her home. However, her favorite scary movie is the original 1990 adaptation of Stephen King’s “It.” Her favorite scene from the movie is when all the kids are in the library and a decapitated head falls out of the fridge. She says this scene, “Cracks me up, even though I expect it.” 


Reflecting on the scary holiday that is most surrounded by love and excitement, we hope to see you next halloween. So until we ‘meat’ again,  stay safe and stay spooky.