OddHaus: The Story Behind The Band

Alycia Velazquez and Ayana Duenas

LONG BEACH,CA- In the beginning of last year, three individual freshmen had met for the first time. Throughout the beginning of the year, they got to know one another, and that their shared passion for music influenced their big decision to start a band. They share more information about the challenges and adversities of being a part of their band “OddHaus,” and how they try to put out as many performances as possible to get their names out. 

November 12, 2022, at Dyzzy On Vinyl, these three performed many songs during their time in the spotlight that evening, covering songs as well as performing their originals. These three had the crowd roaring and jumping with excitement through their impeccable timing. The way these three started this band out of a hunch, and actually made it a success is just incredible.They have surpassed many challenges and have performed many fantastic shows. 

The lead singer and primary songwriter, Nate Bade-Marquez in the Performing Arts pathway, says the key for the band to keep going is to always put their friendship first. ”If we’re mad at eachother that day, we can’t play well together that night for practice. The whole reason we started this is because we were friends. Now we’re best buds, and we rock doing it’’ He also brings up the point that he’d, “rather be in a band with the friends that he loves then people he doesn’t really like, even if they’re the most skilled musicians in the world.’’    

Micheal (Mackey) Wegner in the Performing Arts Pathway, who plays the bass as well as sings the back-up vocals, opens up and talks about his thoughts on being in a band with his two best friends, and how hard it is to find places to play at.  He says,‘’ It sounds cheesy, but it’s kind of a dream come true. Since the 6th grade I’ve wanted to find friends who had the same desire to start a band. When we perform, it’s not just a performance, but an expression of our friendship.”

As for finding places to play, they play anywhere they can; birthday parties,record shops, parks, and even Wilson’s auditorium. He points out that it’s not very hard to find places to play. “We just go around and ask people. We reach out to people, and people reach out to us.”

Julian Alcaraz, the Drummer in the performing arts pathway, expresses his feelings on what his process was of getting into the band and needing to learn the drums.

’’It was hard at first, imagining each piece of the drum kit when I only had a drum pad but I memorized the beats for the whole song.” He said, “The first practice we had was at Mackey’s house, he had an old electric drum set that would turn on and I had used. At the time I thought it was the best thing ever and was excited to play it. Once I got an acoustic drum kit I started adjusting really fast. I feel like playing with them helped me get better way faster.’’ 

When asked how he feels when people go up to him and talk about the performance or just by recognition.’’When people come up to me and talk about the band,they are usually really nice and it makes me really happy, it motivates me to try even harder the next time I perform.’’

These boys have worked really hard to show what they can do and how their friendship has made great memories. This band can’t wait to take their memories and new songs to the future.They hope to make it big and are excited to keep taking pictures with their friends and fans.