Poly Vs. Wilson’s 90th Rivalry Game


Jackson Allsup

Junior Cruz Heavin waits for Jackrabbits play.

Gaia Clark, Staff Writer

LONG BEACH, CA. – Friday night, the stands on either side of the football field were dense and deafening with students cheering for their schools during the 90th rivalry game of Poly versus Wilson.


The game had a lopsided win by the end of the fourth quarter, with the Jackrabbits keeping a strong hold on the Bruins and scoring 7 touchdowns to run up the scoreboard to a total of 70-0.  Poly’s score kept their streak of wins against Wilson during these rivalry games, as they have been taking these victories since 1991, making it 31 consecutive years of triumphs.


When asked what he could have done better, senior captain and middle linebacker James Ma’ae said, “Reading the guards on defense and making blocks on offense.”  He felt that he played as hard as he could, but the team was simply outmatched by the Jackrabbits.


According to The 562, Poly’s team outnumbered Wilson’s yards 533 to 32, with their quarterback Darius Curry scoring five touchdowns within the first half.  The tough defense and offense kept a hard barrier against the Bruins, and the cardinal-and-gold clad players had a lot to say about working against the opposing team.


“I did okay,” said captain and quarterback Ian Bond. “It’s just any mistakes, a great team like them is going to capitalize.  I make one completion, miss another, and then all of a sudden we’re punting the ball and they score.”  Bond attempted several plays and played exceptionally well, but the Jackrabbits’ players shut him and the other teammates out.


It was hard to ignore the energy in the stands, as there were 2,500 friends, family, and fellow students cheering both teams on in this rival game.  A crowd favorite was the special appearance of younger elementary school cheerleaders, showing school spirit alongside their older “mama” cheer captains.


“My teammates, my team, [and] everyone came here to watch us play. I’m not going to give up, and I love the sport and I’m just going to keep battling and keep fighting,” said Bond.


Cabrillo will be at Poly on Friday the 14th for the Jackrabbits’ homecoming game, while the Bruins will be hosting Lakewood the following Friday the 21st for their homecoming.