Bruins on Broadway


Roxy Kuper-Wilson and Hailey Marroquin

Long Beach, CA- On November 16, 2021 Wilson High Schools Musical Theater Department performed a series of songs from musicals, titled “Bruins on Broadway”. This event took place in the Furjanik/Sandberg Auditorium, here at Wilson, at 7:00 pm. Students in the Musical Theater classes got the opportunity to show off their singing, dancing, and performance abilities, with their favorite musical songs.


A fascinating performance of “She Used To Be Mine” from Waitress, was done by Laurin Tiangco – a Junior here at Wilson. With her strong voice and confident stage presence, she had the audience in complete awe. Along with her exceptional vocals, she dressed the part of her character by coming on stage with her hair tied back and wearing an apron. 


Audience member, and loudspeaker reporter, Erika Medina described the show as, “An energetic show that had the crowd engaged right from the start.” 


Another intriguing performance was done by Quetzal Alcaraz, Baylie Duarte, Hannah Rosenquist, and Lilly Graff. This group of talented, young actors performed “Man Or Muppet” from the movie, The Muppets. Not only was this performance intriguing, they also incorporated the unique idea of using sock puppets as back up singers during this performance. 


A huge shoutout to Curtis Heard- director, Diane Barkauskas- accompanist, and Clara Wenger- dance captain/choreographer. As well as this remarkably talented cast of Kai Metra, Lily Graff, Erica Sloan, Micah Dysart, Mia Rosenthal, Penny Radich, Daniella Steddle, Amara Witenstein, Alyssa Gallardo, Quetzal Alcaraz, Baylie Duarte, Hannah Rosenquist, Nate Bade-MArquez, Micheal Wenger, Julian Alcaraz, Laurin Tiangco, Ruby Denmion, Anglie Canfield, Elyza Gali, Clara Wenger, Cali Smith, as well as Block one and three ensembles.