Instrumental Music Concert Preview

Roxy Kuper-Wilson and Hailey Marroquin

Long Beach, California- Wilson’s Orchestra and band are putting on a display of remarkable music Wednesday night, on the 27th of October. This event takes place in the Wilson auditorium at 6:30 pm, where about one hundred students will take the stage. 


These musicians have been diligently preparing their music and practicing whenever they can. 


Wilson High School orchestra and symphony teacher, Ms. Ellis said, “We rehearse every period in class, the advanced groups practice every Tuesday night…They practice after school, they practice at lunch, they practice on the weekends, they’re working hard.” Obviously, this is a very dedicated group of musicians who are ready to show off their talents. 


Ms. Ellis and the students are “hungry to perform” for their first instrumental music concert of the 2021-2022 school year. Although this excitement is grande, Covid-19 is still a prominent factor in how the musicians perform. 


The wind instrumentalists must choose between a special type of mask, or adjusting a normal mask every time they have to play. Nonetheless, masks will still be worn during this concert. But, these musicians will not let anything hinder their performance. They have adapted to these circumstances, and are still eager to perform wholeheartedly. 


“We just want people to come out and hear our music,” said Ms. Ellis. 


For anyone interested in attending  the musical brilliance of young musicians, the information is as follows; Students (with a school ID) and children are free, others are $10.