Class of 2021 Athletic Committees

Isabel Juarez, Staff Writer

A message to all Committees: 

As the year comes to an end Wilson High School would like to commemorate those who have taken the opportunity to continue with athletics through their college career. Wilson has a proud history of its athletes extending their careers beyond the high school level and positively impacting their college athletic programs. The 19 athletes highlighted below have put in the time and hard work that it takes to play at a collegiate level. Wilson is extremely proud and congratulates the 2021 senior athlete committees. 

Women’s Track and Field 

Maya Bryson- Dartmouth College 

Senior Maya Bryson comes from a very athletic background, being a daughter of two track runners and a sibling to two more track runners, it’s safe to say track is in her blood. At the young age of four years old Bryson knew she wanted to continue running even through college. Bryson speaks of her family in high regards stating, “ I wouldn’t be the athlete I am today without my family’s love and support since I was a young girl.”  With an impressive high school career, she won her first High School National Championship ring there was no doubt Bryson would go unnoticed at the collegiate level. Bryson plans to continue her track career at Dartmouth College all four years but has bigger dreams, such as attending Stanford Medical School to excel in becoming a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. Bryson’s hard work and determination will take her to far places, congratulations! 

Women’s Basketball 

Teihani Sagiao- Hope International 

Teihani Sagiao is a senior on Wilson’s Women’s Basketball team and has brought nothing but motivation and love when stepping onto the court. Sagiao has been influenced to play the sport by falling in love with basketball ever since she first started, and the support of her athletic family. Basketball has made Sagiao learn how to be patient and has taught her how to be a leader. Sagiao stated “It taught me to work hard and not give up even when things get tough.” With what basketball has taught her, she has used it to help her accomplish the big goal of winning CIF. The love she has for the sport has made her think about her future when it comes to basketball, she plans on continuing basketball and taking it as far as possible, and has the goal of going pro. Sagiao will be attending Hope International and she plans on pursuing a career in Business.

Arielle Hines- Vanguard 

Senior Arielle Hines has been motivated to play basketball and take it to a whole new level. Along with being awarded all Moore League first team, and second team CIF, Hines knew she wanted to continue to play basketball through her college career and one day go professional. “My main motivation for doing athletics was my mom mainly because she is the only reason I got into basketball, and once I started falling in love with basketball and seeing how proud she had been of me, I began wanting to work harder and make it to the collegiate level for her.” Hines along with all her great achievements and determination signed with Vanguard University to continue her athletic career and major in pre-nursing. 

Le’Lani Bell- Santa Ana College 

Senior Le’Lani Bell has been constantly motivated to play basketball by the many opportunities it has created for her, such as committing to Santa Ana College to further her career and major in psychology. Bell was part of the 2020 Wilson Girls Basketball team where they won CIF championships for the first time since 2000. Bell mentioned the win as her most memorable highlight of her basketball career, “It was a moment that I thought I would never get to experience and I’m glad I got to do it with my team and the coaches.” Bell plans to take basketball as far as possible, whether that is through college or going professional, she admits it is difficult to determine when the end will come when her love for basketball is so strong. 

Women’s Volleyball 

Doris Chuang- Navy

Senior Doris Chuang has played multiple sports throughout her high school career but has taken volleyball to the next level. With an undoubtedly impressive resume Chuang has won Long Beach Athletes of the Year and participates in club volleyball who placed 5th in the Open Division of nationals. Being a persistent athlete opened many new doors for Chuang, fueling her to attend the United States Naval Academy for the class of 2025. Chuang plans to continue competitive volleyball throughout her college career but has bigger dreams. “I learned to value the game no matter the outcome.” said Chuang through email. Her love for volleyball has rooted from competitive competitions, making new friends and learning the value of the game. Wilson High congratulates Chaung on her athletic accomplishments and wishes the best of luck in college. 

Mikayla Nolte- CSU Monterey Bay 

Mikayla Nolte found her motivation for volleyball through her love of the game and camaraderie that came with it. Nolte began playing volleyball later than most players but it helped in building her determination. Despite the late start, Nolte has won many individual and team awards, “I think the team awards and achievements are the ones that I am the most proud of because the journey to get them is fun.” A few years ago Nolte would have never believed to envision herself playing collegiate volleyball but now she is. Furthering her volleyball career at CSU Monterey Bay, Nolte plans to major in biology with a concentration in ecology, evolution, and organismal biology. She also intends on working at a zoo while getting her degree.

Risa Sena- The University of The Incarnate Word 

Attending the University of the Incarnate Word, Risa Sena is continuing her volleyball career while planning to enter pre-med under the optometry track. Volleyball has taught Sena how to be a leader, great teammate and dependable. Sena’s main motivation for volleyball roots from the feeling while playing “ It’s like nothing else in the world matters when I’m on the court with my team.” Sena plans to finish playing volleyball through her four years at her division one college and possibly end up coaching a junior volleyball team in the future. 

Katherine Mumm- Menlo College 

When it comes to senior Katherine Mumm, a player on the Volleyball team, she found motivation within her own teammates. Being able to travel and play all season long brings a bond that ties everyone close, even when players drift off separate ways. Volleyball impacted Mumm’s life in ways of building friendships, and also by keeping her busy with practices and games. She states, “ I enjoy having practice to look forward to at the end of day.” With all the hard work of practice, Mumm explained the best highlight of her high school volleyball career was beating Poly in the year 2019. Mumm hopes to continue to play volleyball throughout her college experience to follow in her mother’s footsteps, and with the goal of studying business management with a concentration in hospitality at Menlo College.

Women’s Soccer

Connie Herrera-Sacred Heart University 

Wilson’s girls Soccer committee Connie Herrera roots her motivation for her dad, “My dad always pushes me to keep working hard so I can become the best version of myself. “ Herrera’s determination from herself and her father has given her the opportunity to play collegiate women’s soccer at Sacred Heart University. As a child, Herrera always planned to play college soccer. She states, “I knew I loved playing too much to end my soccer career at just a high school level.” One of Herrera’s major highlights was being able to play on the same soccer team with her younger sister in high school, “ I will never forget all of the fun memories I’ve created with her from blasting music during the car ride to our games to having each other’s back while we’re in an intense game.” Congratulations to Herrera for her hard work and determination. 


Hailey Houston- Augustana University 

With an overall impressive high school career, senior pitcher Hailey Houston is a four year varsity player for Wilson’s Softball team. As a child she always envisioned herself playing collegiate softball, “ I’ve always wanted to play softball in college since I was little because I saw them play on TV and my goal is to play on TV.” Houston describes that though her 2020 season got cut short, one of her most memorable high school games was the opening game versus Lakewood High School where Wilson took the 9-3 win and Houston struck out 11 players total. Just the year before, Houston’s sophomore year, Wilson Softball made their way up to the semi-final round of CIF, the first time in Wilson Softball history. Houston will be continuing her softball career at Augustana University in South Dakota, majoring in elementary education. Wilson Softball will miss the large impact Houston left on and off the field and hope to see her playing on the television in the years to come. 

Women’s Water Polo 

Kaylee Stigar- Pomona College 

Senior Kaylee Stigar will be attending Pomona College to further her water polo career and plans to major in environmental analysis or psychology.

Sofia Dominguez- McKendree University

Sofia Dominguez gives her family and the Wilson Water Polo community a large thanks for pushing her and teaching to always stick to something you love. Like many others, water polo has opened many doors for Dominguez like connections, traveling, staying healthy, trying out for the national water polo team and ultimately college. Dominguez plans to continue her water polo career through college, where she will be attending McKendree University. “ Once I graduate I hope  to play for a professional Club overseas,  hopefully in Spain or Italy.” Her love for the sport doesn’t stop there, she also plans to continue playing with a masters team or for fun. At McKendree University Dominguez will be majoring in criminal justice. Wilson cannot wait to see what the future holds for Sofia Dominguez.

Men’s Water Polo

Andrew Sorensen- Redlands 

Attending the University of Redlands for water polo, senior Andrew Sorensen has always dreamed of playing water polo in college since a child. Sorensen’s major highlight was winning the Most Valuable Player award his freshman year. “ My main motivation for doing athletics is the challenge of competition and reaching new personal levels of skills that I never knew I was able to achieve.” Sorensen plans to continue his water polo career throughout college where he will be majoring in business and psychology in hopes of making new memories like the ones here at Wilson. 

Kade Margain- Loyola Marymount University 

Kade Margain will be attending Loyola Marymount University to further his academics and athletic career in water polo. Margain played a stellar role for Wilson’s Water Polo team, being a four year varsity starter and competing against top teams in CIF alongside his teammates. Margain has many friends and family in the world of water polo, being rooted from a large group of athletes, in middle school Margain knew he wanted to play at a collegiate level. “ I use the Mamba Mentality as another motivation because its main philosophy is to be better than you were the day before.” said Margain. If given the opportunity, Margain might play nationally in Europe. Wilson congratulates Margain for his impressive years as a student-athlete. 

Nathan Morisky- Cal Maritime 

Senior Nathan Morisky will be attending Cal Maritime to further his career in water polo. 

Men’s Swimming 

Hayden Ehrenfeld- Vassar College 

In the pool, Hayden Ehrenfeld was a standout during his high school career, swimming part of Wilson’s CIF team this season and claiming yet another Moore League win to add in Wilson’s history books. When he was not swimming for Wilson, Ehrenfeld swam for the Beach Swim Club and qualified in several large club meets. By the end of Ehrenfeld’s sophomore year he was determined to work hard and participate in Varsity swim his junior year. “Swimming has changed my life by allowing me to connect and make friends with people I would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.” said Ehrenfeld. He will be continuing his swim career at Vassar College where he plans to major in political science. 

Men’s Volleyball 

Payne Lounsbery- Vassar College

Senior Payne Lounsberry will be attending Vassar College for men’s volleyball and a major in biochemistry. Even with this year’s sports restrictions due to COVID-19, Lounsbery admits this season was still the highlight of his high school career. With an unbelievably impressive season Wilson Volleyball went an overall 13 wins and no losses making them undefeated, taking the first Moore League win since 2017. Lounsbery was recently named Press-Telegram boys Athlete of the Week for his impressive athletic display in wins against Foothill and Westlake High School during the CIF-SS playoff rounds. “My sport has taught me to not limit expectations for myself and to set personal goals to a higher standard.” said Lounsbery. He plans to continue with volleyball for as long as possible, keeping all his options open. Congratulations to Lounsbery and all his athletic achievements. 

Men’s Track and Field 

Phillip Jefferson-University of Iowa 

Attending the University of Iowa for Track and Field, majoring in forensic science and minoring in kinesiology, Phillip Jefferson is determined to make an impact. Once Jefferson stepped foot onto Wilson’s track he knew he was in the right place. “I plan to take this all the way to the pros and be great and a name everybody knows and remembers.” Jefferson is already halfway there, with his impressive high school career of attending CIF twice and placing number one in the state for the 4×400 relay with his team, Jefferson will undoubtedly be a name long remembered at Wilson.  


Sebastian Smith- Cal Lutheran 

Senior Sebastian Smith will be attending Cal Lutheran University to further his baseball career. Smith gives big thanks to his coaches, “ I’ve always wanted to play college baseball, but didn’t know I could do it last year until all my coaches really supported me and encouraged me to.” He described how baseball has taught him to be a leader with a strong work ethic. Smith plans to ride out his baseball career as long as possible while majoring in computer science.