Winter Concert Brings Holiday Cheer

Windsor McInerny, Editor

The Winter Concert took place on December 18th, Wednesday night at 6:30 in the Wilson auditorium. For this festival of music, orchestra, band, and choir students assembled in an annual collaboration to play and sing holiday-themed songs. Students played for family, peers, and Wilson staff who came to view the two-hour event. The music played in tandem with a variety of light displays, plastered on the stage and auditorium walls, with the intent of creating a wintery atmosphere. Groups which performed included: Jazz band, Orchestra, Symphonic Winds, Choir, and Guitar. 

Following the Wednesday concert was two school-wide holiday assemblies which featured the same characters and set of songs, however condensed. The assemblies took place during 3rd period, which was extended to fit the first assembly in its first half, and the second assembly in the latter half. Lucky students whose teachers reserved a row or two of seats were able to view Jazz Band in the instrumental area below the stage, playing alongside band or orchestra on stage and the choir singing in stadium seats above them. Each concert took place for one hour– an encapsulation of the Winter Concert. The show started with an introduction of Gabe Sanders, who tuned the Orchestra before the conductor launched into the first song, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.” 

After Orchestra sounded their songs, Jazz Band played “Chilli Pepper Christmas,” a refreshingly new Christmas tune. They followed it with an equally unconventional version of “Jingle Bells.” When Jazz band concluded their set, Guitar entered the stage in time to witness a choir piece– which was “Mistletoe and Holly” sung with the addition of bells. Following their exciting version of a Frank Sinatra favorite, they gave the stage to the Guitar ensemble who played “First Snow” through finger plucking. The show then freshened up its set list with a solo performance by Tammy Handerson, a chorus senior, with back-up performers shaking jingle-bells and playing ukulele. The performance was completed from below and in front of the stage, allowing the singer to be close to the audience during her spirited rendition of “Santa Tell Me” by Ariana Grande. The mostly-student crowd could not be more interactive and animated than during Handerson’s performance. 

The show also included a solo performance by Gabe Sanders on the violin, another performance by Choir, and a set by Symphonic Winds with multiple solos. The show concluded with songs “White Christmas” and “Hallelujah,” with vocals by Choir and instrumental by Orchestra. Altogether, the Winter Concert and its adjoining assemblies were excellent ways for students, staff, friends, and family to celebrate the holiday season and the many talents of Wilson students.