Bruins Attend a Winter Wonderland Formal


Aaliyah Trejo, Editor

For the new year, Winter Formal is the second most anticipated dance till the Prom. It’s where most students get to dress up and have fun. On January 25, 2020, the Old Ranch Country Club hosted the Wilson High School Winter Formal as they do every year. Whether it was your first time or your possibly your third, the winter formal was filled with excitement as everyone got to see classmates and friends dress up for the occasion. Like every year, a theme is picked, and for the Winter Formal 2020, the senior class council presented Woody’s Wonderland.


As winter season begins, the invitations to the Winter Formal were sent out to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Weeks before the dance, students prepare for the moment when they ask a friend to the dance. Posters, flowers, and candies become the essential gift in asking someone out to the formal. Days before the dance, you can see girls fresh manicured nails in preparation for the dance. You can also hear the whispering and the chattering between students alike all throughout campus, even when a lesson is going on. 


The winter formal began at 8:00 and as Wilson students come pouring in, the scenery at the Old Ranch Country Club sets up a beautiful display, thanks to Wilson ASB. It was a beautiful Saturday night, as friends come together and wind down from the stressful fall semester. 

When asked what the best part of the winter formal was, sophomore Jalei Puder said, “The best part of the dance was the food and the dj. The location was very nice.”


As the dance comes to an end at midnight, Wilson students come together and get ready to go home after a great night with friends and fellow Wilson peers. The night was magical as friends came together and enjoyed each other’s company and the music provided by DJ Chris.