The Tiktok Takeover

Is Tiktok the travesty of this generation?


Samantha Brandts, Editor & Writer

Tiktok: the social media app that has turned the world upside-down, reversed its axis, and completely reconfigured the simulation. The application has transformed the world with its power, creating communities of people that can interact by simply making a short, 15 second video. With this entirely new way of living that Tiktok has brought with its influence, is the land we call our home now realigned in a good way? 


Everyone and their mother is using the app: from the jock to the nerd, the artist to the emo. Tiktok is a free application where users can post their lip syncing, comedy, and talent videos, along with a variety of other types of content that keeps the app overflowing with media to be refreshed. 


The “for you” page on Tiktok allows a chance for anyone’s video to be discovered and receive tons of views and likes. As a jackpot place to get found, most creators strive to gain momentum on the “for you” page. Addison Rae Hiles, a senior at Wilson, has been fortunate enough and has produced quality content that, by some stroke of luck, has landed her on the “for you” page a number of times. When asked about her secrets for getting onto the popular feed, Hiles reported that she loves to follow the popular fads that fill the app. “Follow the trends, but put your own spin on it,” Hiles reports when asked about the most efficient way to score 15 seconds of fame on Tiktok.


With the continued rise of usage on the app, Tiktok has taken over Wilson. Students can be found creating content all over campus, including at lunch, during passing period, and in class with the help of teachers. Stephanie Marler has found tremendous glory on the app by producing school-related content. The junior has gained over 26.5k followers on Tiktok and reports that her favorite part about making videos is getting the opportunity to interact with fellow Tiktok users. “I get to talk and meet with a lot of new people online,” voiced Marler. 


The Tiktok algorithm has been able to capture people from all over the world to create a tight-knit body that is capable of producing content that can appeal to many. With the community the app has created, the Tiktok gang has proven to be a close and welcoming body that is able to produce content that can put a smile on anyone’s face, with only the power of a little bit of sound, a “post” button, and a whole lot of creativity.