Aaliyah Trejo, Editor

photo credit: wilson high school


Wilson Academic Vision of Excellence

The WAVE pathway exhibits the best qualities from students. It is the most rigorous program provided in Wilson High School, which is designed for students who excel in and out of the classroom.




  • Freshmen Year: AP Human Geography
  • Sophomore Year: AP World History
  • Junior Year: AP US History
  • Senior Year: AP Government/ Macroeconomics



  • Freshen Year: English 1-2 Accelerated
  • Sophomore Year: English 3-4 Accelerated
  • Junior Year: AP English Language and Composition
  • Senior Year: AP English Literature and Composition



  • Freshmen Year: Geometry Accelerated
  • Sophomore Year: Algebra 2 Accelerated
  • Junior Year: Honors Precalculus
  • Senior Year: AP Calculus OR AP Statistics



  • Freshmen Year: Biology 1-2 Accelerated
  • Sophomore Year: AP Biology or Honors Chemistry

Junior and Senior year: Must take 3 years of science

  • The third and fourth year of science must be an AP, honors, or accelerated
  • Fourth year of science is not required


WAVE Capstone:

  • Start from Sophomore year OR from Junior Year
  1. AP Seminar
  2. AP Research


Additional Classes:

Science: Minimum of 3 years

  • Must be Accelerated, Honors or an AP Course.


World Language: Minimum of 4 Years of the SAME language

  • Visual/Performing Art: Minimum of 1 year.


Physical Education: Minimum of 2 years

  • Substitutes: Dance, Bruinettes, or Cheerleading