What’s Up With the Clubs?

Cole Lira

Brewins Coffee Company

In the Bruins Coffee Company, students and anyone who attends can enjoy coffee and chat over anything, or coffee related topics. A simple and very comforting club. The vibe, again, is very comforting and it seems like one of those clubs where you can simply just make friends within it and talk about pretty much anything. A very inviting club with soft social aspects. 

The club meets at lunch every Thursday, at room 3105. The club president is Kayla Perez. They’re first meeting was on Wednesday October 5th, 2022. They had free cups of coffee for anyone who joined the club. 

They also sold poptarts at the movie night during October of 2022 for about 2$, so the club is very active with their activities and making sure they get as much press as possible. They also participated at the Homecoming fair last year.

Overall the Brewins Coffee Company has a nice vibe to it, very comforting. They’re shtick is enjoying a cup of coffee with your friends and just hanging out. Very simple and comforting.


Wilson G.A.M.E Club

Wilson G.A.M.E Club is the club for all the gamers at wilson. The club itself has a very simple concept. Like minded people get together to enjoy video games, talk about video games, etc. Recently the club had hosted a tournament, featuring a full bracket system and roster for the players participating.

The game they hosted the said tournament on was Super Smash Brothers. The prize was a massive 20$ for 1st place.  

Most of the club’s activities center around playing a certain videogame during lunch. Last year in October they had meetings for Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros.

But the game club isn’t just about video games, students also get together to watch anime or read manga. They host a bunch of watch parties, and hang out during lunch so it seems like a pretty inclusive and friendly environment. They meet every Wednesday during lunch, at room 4102, hosted by Matthew Tejeda.

Wilson G.A.M.E club also has their own discord, which is another form of communication and social media, although it is more niche. 

The G.A.M.E club also participated in the Homecoming fair last year in october.

In general, the club is very friendly and is there for all the nerds who want to talk about their favorite video game or anime. 


Otaku Crusaders

The Otaku crusaders meet every Thursday at lunch in room 3205.

The club itself is based on several animes and mangas that the students get together and read. Of Course anime and the many different parts of Japanese media are very popular here in the US. Many of the students here in Wilson enjoy these kinds of things and it makes sense that a club would naturally form to collect individuals with the same amount of interest.

They also talk about vocaloids which are a set of fictional characters that use artificially voiced personalities. 

There’s not very much to analyze here in terms of depth of the club, it is simply just the enjoyment of anime and other forms of japanese media/entertainment. 

Although the Otaku crusaders participated in the Homecoming fair in October of last year, selling manga books at their booth for a set amount of ticket.

The vibe of the club is very friendly and accepting. So all in all it is a nice place to stay if you enjoy japanese media.


Squirrel Lovers

Squirrel lovers is an odd club. The name itself is for sure meant to be some sort of ironic commentary on the love for squirrels. There sure  are a bunch of squirrel fans out there. Which seems to be pretty odd but whatever floats your boat.

Squirrel club meets on Friday at lunch in room 526. The club president is Zoe Grover. The love for squirrels seems to have no bounds due to the amount of squirrel lovers who are present at the school. Wilson’s mascot is a bear, but there is a larger love for squirrels. 

The inspiration for this club comes from a website called “Squirrel Lovers”

The website has a paid subscription for those who also love squirrels, and it is for the ethical treatment of animals, specifically squirrels. It is an international organization including all sorts of people from all various walks of life. They even include education based off of squirrels.

There isn’t really a bunch of information on the club, mainly because it seems more of a satire club than an actual club made for the purpose of something, which could be the case and the members could make the argument that the club is important, but it doesn’t really look serious.