Wilson Versus Lakewood Girls Basketball

Photo by Mia Adams, outside photographer

Photo by Mia Adams, outside photographer

Zoe Edeskuty and Gabby Dee

LONG BEACH, CA- On Monday, Dec 19th, 2022, Wilson’s Girls Basketball team played against Lakewood for a crucial Moore League match up. The Bruins and the Lancers went head-on, giving it their all for the winning point. Parent’s hyped up their players on the bleachers while Bruinettes provided cheers that raised our school spirit.

Both teams were pumped up and excited to start the game and do what they do best.  Many Bruins on the team expressed starting basketball for the joys of being on a team and to use the sport as an outlet. 

“I started playing in the 4th grade. I really don’t have a specific reason as to why I started, I guess it was because my friends started playing so I thought I should play too”, says Peightyn Myers, Captain (2). Myers says, “I just play for fun, really. If I happen to get recognition or a scholarship for school, that would be amazing; but it’s all for fun, really.” 

Putting the competition aside, the players recognize the importance of having a good time and doing what they love with their friends. What inspires Myers to play is her hope to win a trophy for Wilson High School. In the game, she scored 7 points, leading her team with triumph.

Despite our Bruins’ best efforts, Lakewood Girls Basketball remains undefeated, beating Wilson by a 14-4 margin. The pace of the game was a thrilling combination of team effort and resilience. Our bruins still have high hopes for this season and remain optimistic.

 “I feel good about [the season]. There are some things we can work on, but our overall team chemistry is really coming together”, says Jade Green, Center (14). Green scored a total of 8 consecutive points in the game. Basketball was a hobby she started in 6th grade and something she quickly started to take joy in. “…I always liked sports, but I wanted to find something that I enjoyed, find something as an outlet”, says Green. “I hope to play in college, gain some Moore League titles. I hope to get my name out there”, she expresses as a goal she’s hoping to achieve. 

Wilson’s bruins continue to be alert and ready for anything that comes their way, fueled by their teammates’ strong encouragement and their endless determination.

Catch Wilson Girls Basketball’s next game December 27th against Marlborough. Wilson will return to Moore League on January 4th at Poly.