Young Black Scholars


Taken from the YBS official instagram account, their homecoming booth was booming with support from fellow students.

Kennedy Bell, Staff Writer

LONG BEACH, CA – Wilson High School is one of many high schools in the district with an established Young Black Scholars Club. Jonathan Evans, guidance counselor for the Performing Arts Pathway and the director of the club, sought to have Black students on campus come together as a community. About 100 students go to every Young Black Scholars Club meeting, making it one of the largest clubs on campus. 

Evans wants everyone to know that Young Black Scholars is not just a club, but instead the feeling that whomever on campus is Black or African American are all connected as one.

“Every Black or African American Student is a Young Black Scholar,” said Evans.

Valentine Kyles is a member of Young Black Scholars. The tenth grade Biomed student said that since being in Young Black Scholars she feels more included and loves that there is something on campus for people who look like her. One thing she personally believes is that there isn’t enough Black representation on campus and the staff should strive for more.

So far this year through Young Black Scholars students have had a lot of leadership opportunities.The club sold Kool-aid and won best decorated homecoming booth. There have also been listening sessions for Black students on campus, so students can express their feelings and experiences about being Black on the campus.  In addition, the club had a Step Show Assembly on Friday, December 9, during Block 3. 

Evans wants to ensure that students feel empowered. Part of that is allowing them to create events on their own, with little adult input. Evans said, “I’m not above my leaders, they have the same amount of power over the club as I do.”

The secretary of the club, Abri Herring, a senior in the WAVE pathway explained that one of her main focuses right now is to get a large number of people to attend the step show, get people to learn the chants, and as always get more people to join the club. She believes that something that works best for the club is its social media account and how well the promotion works.

“I think the best part about being an active leader to a club, especially this one, is that the other leaders and I can be creative as we want to be, and make the decisions. There really is no limit,” Herring said.