Pathway Club Activities

Zoe Edeskuty and Ashley Abbott

Did you know that each pathway all has clubs relating to it? Yes, each pathway has a club to be a part of, which are Leadership and Public Service, Performing Arts, Technology, Medicine and Biotechnology, and WAVE. Starting with the Leadership and Public Service Club, the senior pathway ambassadors are Paige Generakos, Ava Errecart, and Zoey Lamb-Hommel. The vice president is Gabby Dee, and the president is Paige Generakos. Mrs. Jones helps the LPS club by providing her classroom to members of the club for meetings and fun activities they participate in. First Fridays are fun activities that every club does, and are for any pathway or grade of students. LPS club likes to conversate on crime topics, watch crime shows, play games, and eat snacks to get everyone involved. So far, LPS club has done a Forensic Files party and sold waffles for the homecoming booth back on October 23rd. Paige Generakos stated, “For future events in LPS club, we’ll have a Thanksgiving themed First Friday with thankful grams for our loved ones.” On December 4th, 2022, Mrs. Jones held an LPS club Fun Friday in her classroom, and she had colored pencils and markers for students to draw. There were thankful grams for everybody in the club to fill out, and some cool thanksgiving sketches for students to color in. Sweet treats were displayed, like chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy. It was a festive and fun lunch for everyone, giving people the opportunity to stay warm during cold months like November.